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Blue Moon Estate Sales Founder Deb Blue Recognized in Franchise Dictionary Magazine's 50 Women of Wonder 2020 Issue
Blue Moon Estate Sales Founder Deb Blue has been designated one of the top 50 “Women of Wonder” (WOW) in 2020 by Franchise Dictionary Magazine. The recognition comes at a time when the company is seeing record growth and interest from franchise prospects.
How COVID-19 Changed Our Business Model for the Better (IFA)
When COVID-19 began to sweep across the United States, Blue Moon Estate Sales had to act fast. Not only did their new safeguards work to protect people, they strengthened the business.
Why Blue Moon Estate Sales Chose to Franchise
Blue Moon Estate Sales was founded in North Carolina in 2009 by Ken and Deb Blue. With years of...
Estate Sales 101
What is an Estate Sale? Maybe you’ve heard of estate sales. Maybe your coworker got that...
Best Life Brands Sets Record Franchise Development Growth in 2020, Signing 71 New Franchise Agreements Across the Brands
Best Life Brands, a family of companies focused on the well-being of clients along the continuum of senior care, awarded a record number of 71 new franchise agreements across all brands in 2020.
We're Game Changers
We are thrilled to announce that Blue Moon Estate Sales has been recognized as a top 2020 Game Changer by Franchise Dictionary Magazine!
Which Secondhand Marketplace Is Right for You?
Estate liquidation is becoming a big business. Understanding how to maximize the proceeds of a...
The Art of Franchising
What Does "Franchise" Even Mean? The word “franchise” is often met with...
6 Things That Successful Franchisees Have in Common
The franchise business model is a great way to become your own boss, but by no means is it a get...
A Day in the Life of a Blue Moon Franchisee
It’s Friday night, and you’ve filled the last few days with client interviews,...
Blue Moon Estate Sales: The Hidden Gem of Franchises
  Restaurant chains, auto maintenance shops and tax services only skim the surface of the...

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