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Pursue Sustainability With An Eco-Friendly Business

Do you often wonder how you can make a difference while also earning a living? Look no further than the estate sale industry. This eco-friendly business opportunity allows franchisees to make a difference and earn a livable income while doing so. 

Estate sales contribute to both sustainability and the relief of families in times of transition. Ultimately, you’re selling personal items that would otherwise be discarded to those who need them while placing money in the pocket of your client. Estate sales are slowly contributing to the “save the planet” initiative one event at a time. Continue on to learn how franchising with Blue Moon Estate Sales can help you positively impact the planet.

An Eco-Friendly Shopping Experience

The days of mass produced products are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, thrifting old materials and restoring them to their former glory are all the rage. Estate sales offer this exact experience to customers, as items purchased can quickly become a new staple piece in the home.

Ultimately, estate sales are a form of reusing items. Furnishings and objects from one household are sold to another, allowing new life to emerge. Shopping estate sales is a great way for customers to find unique items at a fraction of the price rather than supporting large manufacturing companies. As a franchisee, you can quickly capitalize on the growing trend of reusing and upcycling.

It’s a Green Industry You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

Reusing doesn’t have to start and end with the expected—become a part of the unexpected. When you become a franchisee with Blue Moon Estate Sales, you’ll become a part of a green industry helping the environment. Estate sales offer a variety of benefits to improving our carbon footprint, including:

  • Keeping items out of landfills

  • Preventing pollutants from manufacturing

  • Passing along products during estate sale operations

  • Saving money and resources, otherwise spent on new production

When customers visit your estate sales, you’ll be able to explain how buying locally supports your community. The money made from an estate sale goes directly to a family going through a life change, rather than large corporations or foreign manufacturers. In knowing this information, your clientele will be more inclined to visit the next estate sale you host.

Put Your Sustainable Energy to Use

Your passion for sustainability and supporting small businesses will not go unnoticed. Blue Moon Estate Sales provides a unique franchise opportunity with an eco-friendly aspect that provides you with a sense of purpose. By joining our group of enthusiastic eco-conscious franchise owners, you too can reduce unnecessary waste.

As a franchise owner, you’ll have the ability to distinguish how eco-friendly you want your business to be. Whether you want to incorporate reused boxes and plastic bags to each customer's shopping experience or you want to highlight how purchasing second hand items can reduce landfill materials, becoming a part of a rapidly expanding sustainable market can allow you to do just that.

Stay Eco-Friendly When You Join Blue Moon

Keep the environment in mind and incorporate sustainability into your career. Blue Moon Estate Sales is here to guide you through our simple and beneficial franchise process set to improve the environment one sale at a time. Visit us here to learn how to begin your estate sale franchise journey.