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Find Empowerment in Franchising

A franchise is not only reserved for investors with a surplus of capital. There are options without overhead and build-outs, and whether you’re a baby boomer or Gen Z, there is a franchise out there that will make sense for you. The estate sale industry is expanding as people downsize or relocate. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 5 million existing-homes were sold in 2022. That’s a lot of estate sale potential you can become a part of. Franchising offers you a unique business opportunity with the freedom to create a life you’ve always dreamed of—while still providing for your family.

Perks of Being a Blue Moon Franchise Owner.
  • Franchising can be affordable
  • Your creativity can flourish
  • A lack of experience won't slow you down
  • Franchising isn't limited to retail or food services
  • Franchising can give you flexibility and the ability to delegate
  • You'll gain a positive reputation and name recognition
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A 'Once in a Blue Moon' Opportunity

As the first and largest franchised estate sale company in the U.S., Blue Moon is resilient in any economy. We currently have over 100 Blue Moon locations across the U.S. and over 130,000 loyalty program shoppers.

Become your own boss and impact the lives of those in your community by becoming a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise owner. When you partner with us, you’ll gain flexibility and have the luxury of working from the comfort of your home. Not to mention, we’ll provide you with all the necessary training and tools to create a successful business opportunity for yourself. 

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Shape Your Career & Don’t Hold Back

The franchising industry and the estate sale market are both promising ventures with proven growth year after year. At Blue Moon, we prioritize both simplicity and success for our franchise locations. Your revenue is derived from the commissions charged to sellers of estates. Typically, this commission is a percentage of the gross sales.

We’re dedicated to providing you with a new and exciting business opportunity that allows you the freedom not only to call your own shots but make a livable income to support your family for years to come.

Ready to start something new that truly helps those in your community?

Join the Blue Moon Family!

To learn more about Blue Moon franchise ownership, contact us at (248) 781-8808. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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