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Client Bill of Rights

Blue Moon Bill of Rights and Responsibilities 

As a member of the nation’s premier estate sales provider network, we stand by the services we provide and the people who provide them.  This commitment to you and your family is core to who we are and why we are successful.  As an expression of our passion to serve, we have created the following outline:  

You, Our Client, Have The Right to...

  • Be treated with kindness, respect and discretion. 
  • Be informed of the process. We understand that this may be your first estate sale experience. We are here and happy to help.
  • Ask questions, and receive prompt answers.
  • Expect that your items will be handled with care. 
  • Receive a report of the items we have sold on your behalf at the conclusion of your sale.

You, Our Client, Agree to...

  • Work with us to identify the items that will be included in the sale, and remove any items not to be included.
  • Honor the agreed price of the items offered during the sale.  Remember, we base quotes and marketing efforts on the items seen and discussed during our first inspection - last-minute changes impede our ability to maximize your profit.  We reserve the right to cancel the estate sale if said items are no longer available.  
  • Provide a safe and clean environment. Also, please do not schedule any sort of moving or home repairs during the sale - it's just not safe for our buyers.
  • Provide adequate access to your home prior to and during the sale. We need this access so that we can properly price, stage and market your items to the greatest degree. 
  • Remain out of your home during the staging, pricing, marketing, opening, selling and closing processes. Our years of experience support that estate sales are more successful when clients, friends and family are not involved in these processes. Keep in mind that we are always available if any questions or concerns arise during this time. We are here for you.

Thank you for choosing Blue Moon for your Estate Sale needs. We are ready to get to work with the utmost tact and professionalism. We look forward to making your sale a success!

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