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Explore the Benefits of Blue Moon Estate Sales

From savvy shoppers to empty nesters looking to downsize, Blue Moon Estate Sales has options for everyone!

Find an Estate Sale:

Want to shop local and give used items a new life? Find an estate sale near you and discover great bargains on home decor, furniture, memorabilia, and more. Hidden gems and vintage treasures await!

Have an Estate Sale:

Need help downsizing, or liquidating an estate? Leave it to us! Our estate sales professionals take the stress out of your major life transitions. Make money while finding great new homes for items you no longer need!

Partner with Us:

Are you an estate planner, real estate agent, property manager, or professional organizer? We’d love to help you help your clients! We promote our estate sale listings to our network of over 140,000 loyalty program members to maximize exposure and set your sale up for success.

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Find an Estate Sale FAQs

Find amazing deals on hidden gems at Blue Moon Estate Sales. Our estate sales directory connects you to local sale events near you. You never know what you'll discover! Check out antique furniture, decor, tools, appliances, dishware, clothing, jewelry, vehicles, and more.

Where Can I Attend an Estate Sale?
We have estate sales across the country every week, with locations in every region. From cities to suburbs to rural homes, we serve both residential and commercial properties. View Our Upcoming Events
What Can I Expect to Find at an Estate Sale?
How Much Do Items Cost at an Estate Sale?
In order to determine fair market value for an item, we use the latest technology coupled with years of experience. If there is something over your budget, check in closer to the end of the sale—there may be a lower price. You can also save money by joining our rewards program. For every 500 points you earn, you’ll receive $5.00 toward your next purchase at a Blue Moon sale. Additionally, you can earn points for your birthday, friend referrals, social media shares, and more! We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.
Why Shop Secondhand?
Each item we sell goes on to serve a new purpose, reducing landfill pollution. Last year, we rehomed over 1 million items. Every year, the U.S. produces over 250 million tons of trash. Whether you aim to decorate your home, add to a collection, supply your workshop or kitchen, start an upcycling project, or even stock your own store, sourcing what you need at estate sales can make a big difference! 
What’s the Difference Between an Estate Sale and a Garage Sale?
The average garage sale tends to feature unwanted belongings scattered about a lawn or stacked atop tarps and tables in a garage. An estate sale, on the other hand, takes place in the home itself. Think of it as a pop-up retail experience, complete with a wide variety of items. Here at Blue Moon, we've been known to sell everything from handy kitchen gadgets to hand-carved 17th-century rosewood sculptures. You never know what hidden treasures will be waiting for you!
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Have an Estate Sale FAQs

When you’re downsizing, relocating, or settling an estate, you can sell all the contents of the home with Blue Moon Estate Sales. To minimize your stress and maximize your profit, we handle it all with care and professionalism. We have held thousands of successful estate sales, and yours could be next!

When Would I Want to Have an Estate Sale?
We help families sell belongings to downsize, move, or manage a loved one’s estate. Many sellers are looking for a fresh start or to relocate to a new location or different type of home. Some are transitioning into assisted living, going through a divorce, looking to retire, or starting a new chapter, such as having children or caring for loved ones. Estate sales can happen at any stage of life!
What Does Working With an Estate Sale Company Look Like?

We speed up and simplify the process of selling belongings. We provide a free consultation to agree on the details of sale preparation, requirements of our process, and specific dates. Our sales are typically conducted on-site over two days unless more time is needed. Our advantages include expert pricing and analysis, a large network of shoppers, and a compressed sale timeline. After the sale, we also provide a check and an inventory breakdown for you within 5-7 business days.

  • Saves time and money
  • Attracts a larger crowd of buyers
  • Professional staging included
  • Fair value pricing and thorough research of each item
  • Transactions are handled for you
How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Estate Sale Company?
The commission costs for hiring an estate sale company like Blue Moon Estate Sales are generally quoted as a percentage of the sales amount and vary depending on house size, amount of prep work needed, and the number and value of items in the sale. We offer a free consultation to help clients understand the costs, which are all included in our commission rate (staffing, staging, advertising the sale, pricing, and conducting the sale). Our contract spells out all terms and conditions of the sale.
What Services Are Included When Hiring Blue Moon Estate Sales?
  • Value research and pricing
  • Professional marketing and promotion of the sale
  • Organization/staging to optimize customer traffic and presentation of items
  • Trained staff for selling and obtaining fair value
  • Assistance with finding proper removal services for unwanted/leftover items
What Sets Blue Moon Apart From Other Estate Sale Companies?
Team up with Blue Moon Estate Sale Company for simplified selling! We have the resources you need to plan, organize, and execute a successful sale. We’ve been providing home liquidation services since 2009. As a proud member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators, we uphold standards of conduct combined with best practices as a measure of effectiveness and integrity in the estate sale industry. We provide high-quality, professional, and timely sales which remove the stresses typically associated with selling personal property and moving.
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Partner with Us FAQs

Join the Blue Moon Estate Sales referral family today!

Who Do We Partner With to Trade Referrals?
  • Real estate agents/realtors, sales, associates, and brokers
  • Property managers
  • Estate planners
  • Fiduciaries
  • Trust attorneys and elder/family law attorneys
  • Independent/assisted living professionals
  • Professional organizers
  • Senior movers
How Is a Referral Partnership With Blue Moon Beneficial?
Whether you sell homes or offices, pack or unpack belongings, or handle wills or legal home processes, collaborating with one of our Blue Moon Estate Sales locations can help you tremendously. You can recommend our services to your clients to help them with their decluttering and downsizing needs, while we can recommend your services to our clients when they enter the next steps of the moving/estate handling process.
What Services Can Your Clients Expect to Receive?
  • Free consultations
  • Value research and pricing
  • Organization and staging
  • Event planning and sale management
  • Check and inventory breakdown post-sale
What Are the Benefits for Your Clients When They Sell Items With an Estate Sale?
  • Clear out clutter
  • Reduce moving stress
  • Profit from selling home goods for market value
  • Improve showings/home impressions
  • Extend home listing exposure
Why Recommend Blue Moon Estate Sales?
The need for quick, easy personal property sales is continuing to escalate. We assist in selling accumulated items that families no longer want and help them turn a profit by pricing them at market value. In turn, we alleviate the stress and complexities associated with handling an estate by providing high-quality, professional, and timely sales. We handle all aspects of the sale, including hosting the event, bringing in shoppers, and handling customer interactions.

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A Leader in the Industry

Blue Moon: The Trusted Name in Estate Sales

Blue Moon Estate Sales is a nationally-recognized leader in estate sale planning and execution. We’ve been providing residential, commercial, and moving estate sales services since 2009, all with an exceptional level of organization, marketing, and on-point pricing strategies. In addition, Blue Moon is the largest and fastest-growing estate sale company in the U.S. We’ve been featured in FranchiseTimes’ 2022 "Best Franchises to Buy," Entrepreneur's 2022 Franchise 500, and FranchiseDictionary's 2021 Game Changers, among others. Whether you’re seeking help with holding an estate sale, finding an estate sale near you, or becoming a franchisee, connect with us today. We'll be happy to discuss your goals!

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