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Treasure Hunters Wanted at Our Estate Sales

Immerse yourself in the thrill of the unexpected and uncover items that will not only transform your home but put money in the hands of your local economy with Blue Moon Estate Sales. Imagine discovering a stunning 18th-century oil painting that will grace the walls of your living room or a hand-crafted bronze sculpture that will become a cherished centerpiece. The possibilities are truly endless when you become an estate sale shopper with Blue Moon.

Join us today and make your home a haven of style and character.

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Tips & Tricks for the First-Time Buyer

Time It Out

If you have your eye on something specific, it’s best to arrive at an estate sale early and stay in line. When you get to the door, feel free to ask a crew member where the item is located in the home so as not to waste precious time frantically searching the estate on your own. And if you’re looking for a great bargain, hit a sale on the final day. This is when estate sale pros tend to offer discounts. The early bird may get the worm, but the late bird gets the really amazing deals.

Make a List

Think about the things you want and need, and make some notes. Maybe you’re a vintage fashion fanatic and know right off the bat that you’ll want to check for clothing. Put that at the top of your list. Would your medicine cabinet look better with a different knob? Add hardware to the list. Did your ladle melt in the dishwasher? Throw a ladle on there, too! You may not find everything on your list, but having some direction, especially as a beginner, can be really helpful.

Be Prepared

You are not going to want anything to get in the way of you and your estate sale finds! Before you hit the sale, have something to eat, and be sure to use the bathroom. Seasoned shoppers know not to count on one being available at the sale.

You’ll also want to have the right tools on hand. Bring a magnifying glass if you're planning on inspecting jewelry, coins, or artwork. Have your home's measurements and a measuring tape with you so that you can buy with confidence. If you purchase something large, make sure that you have access to a vehicle with adequate cargo space. It's also nice to have snacks and water waiting in said vehicle for a post-sale boost.

Dress for Success

Dress comfortably as you may want to dig, sift, or bend. Tennis shoes or boots are always a good choice. If you're in the market for clothing, wearing a fitted layer of some kind will allow you to slip items over your clothes to check the fit.

Feel Great About Your Purchase

When you shop at an estate sale, you can feel good knowing you're giving someone's treasures a fresh lease on life. Take it from us: few things feel better than discovering something special and giving it a new home. Not only that, shopping at an estate sale is a sustainable practice, both for the earth and for your wallet. It's especially nice to know that, in addition to helping empty a home, you're putting money in a local family's pocket!

Buy What You Like & Earn Rewards

With Blue Moon, you’re not only shopping premium sales with fair pricing, you’re earning rewards toward future purchases. Go ahead and indulge!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the First-Time Estate Sale Finder

What’s the difference between an estate sale and a garage sale?

The average garage sale tends to feature a selection of unwanted belongings, which are typically scattered about a lawn or stacked on tarps and tables in a garage. An estate sale takes place in the home itself, much like a pop-up retail experience complete with a wide variety of items. Here, at Blue Moon Estate Sales, you can find everything from kitchen gadgets to hand-carved 17th-century rosewood sculptures. You truly never know what you’re going to find!

Who buys estate sale items near me?

From bargain hunters to vintage enthusiasts, estate sales attract a diverse group of treasure seekers in your community, united by a shared passion for discovering hidden gems and treasures to transform their homes into spaces brimming with character and personality.

How do you know which items to buy at an estate sale?

With a vast array of items vying for your attention, how do you know which items are worth bringing home? Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for hidden gems at an estate sale:

  • Define your style
  • Know your budget
  • Think quality over quantity
  • Always assess an item’s condition
How do I know where to find estate sales in my area?

Through Blue Moon’s newsletter, of course! We send all first-time and seasoned shoppers a weekly rundown of the best sales in your local area.

Should I haggle for the best price?

There’s no need for negotiations at Blue Moon Estate Sales. By utilizing the latest technology, coupled with our years of expertise, we determine fair market values for each item we sell. When you shop with us, you can be assured that you’re getting the best deal possible. If there’s something special that’s a bit over your budget, check in closer to the end of the sale. The last day usually yields discounted prices, as well as an opportunity to discuss offers.

Can I get the prices of items ahead of time?

With thousands of items for sale each week, we’re unable to share all prices ahead of time, but you can always expect to see items priced at a fair market value. Just remember, when it comes to estate sale treasures, the early bird gets the worm!

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Join the Blue Moon Estate Sales Club

Did you know that Blue Moon shoppers earn points to save on future purchases? Every 500 points will earn you $5.00 toward your next purchase at a Blue Moon sale. How do you earn points? It’s simple: join our loyalty program, shop Blue Moon Estate Sales, and buy things you love! Not only that, but we’ll even reward you with extra points for your birthday, anniversary, friend referrals, social media shares, and more. It only takes a few minutes to join—start earning points today!

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