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Life throws curveballs — from downsizing or relocating to closing businesses and having to clear someone else’s estate. For your clients, these challenges can also be opportunities. Help your clients earn a profit by selling the entire contents of their home or professional space and reduce the stress of handling possessions during major life transitions by starting a professional estate sale partnership with Blue Moon Estate Sales.

Our team handles everything, from detailed inventory and fair pricing to marketing and sales management. Clients can relax knowing their belongings are respected and sold for their true value. They’ll be delighted with the hassle-free process and the maximized return they receive.

It’s a win-win! Your clients get a fresh start, and you gain a partnership with Blue Moon, the leading estate sale franchise in the United States. Contact us today to learn more about starting a partnership with estate sale franchisees, or explore our How We Help page below.

Expand Your Network

A successful estate sale often relies on strong partnerships. At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we collaborate with several groups to elevate client experiences and maximize results. Our typical partners in optimizing client support and service include:

  • Real estate agents, associates, and brokers
  • Property managers
  • Estate planners
  • Fiduciaries
  • Trust, elder, and family law attorneys
  • Independent and assisted living professionals
  • Professional organizers
  • Senior movers

If you want to sell or manage residential or commercial spaces, we can help prepare the space for showings and the next steps. We offer turnkey solutions and promote listings for upcoming sales to our network of over 150,000 loyalty program members.

The Benefits of Estate Sales

Moving Made Easy

Handling a move? Don’t sweat the small stuff! We can sell just about anything from jewelry to holiday decorations. We can help families lighten their load when looking to relocate to a new house.

Fresh Starts & Full Pockets

If you are helping someone transition into a new stage of life, we can give them the fresh start they need with some spare money in their pocket.

Coast to Coast Success

Blue Moon Estate Sales helps clients throughout the United States by organizing, advertising, and handling can't-miss estate sales. Check out our testimonials page for success stories, or contact us today to get started!

Help Individuals and Families Looking To:

  • Downsize
  • Retire
  • Move
  • Relocate to assisted/independent living
  • Manage a loved one's estate liquidation or business liquidation

What Blue Moon Estate Sales Can Provide:

  • Free consultation
  • Value research and pricing
  • Organization and staging
  • Event planning
  • Sale management/payment processing
  • Inventory breakdown

What Your Clients Will Achieve:

  • Clear out household belongings
  • Reduce moving stress
  • Profit from selling home goods
  • Rehome items sustainably
  • Improve presentation of the home
  • Extend home listing exposure
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Our Partnership Serves You & Your Clients

Are you working with clients who are making big life transitions? Blue Moon Estate Sales can be a valuable partner in helping them achieve a smooth and profitable move. We specialize in assisting individuals and families facing downsizing, retiring, moving, relocating to a senior living community, and managing a loved one’s estate liquidation or business liquidation.

What a Professional Estate Sale Partnership Can Do for You

The Blue Moon team handles all aspects of the estate sale process, allowing you to focus on supporting your clients. Here’s what we offer:

  • Free consultation: We’ll work directly with your client to understand their needs and develop a plan of action.
  • Value research and pricing: Our thorough research and expert pricing strategies ensure your client gets fair market value for their belongings.
  • Organizing and staging: We carefully organize and stage the estate for the best visual appeal and to maximize buyer interest.
  • Event planning: From marketing the sale to managing logistics, our team handles everything to make the sale successful.
  • Safe management and payment process: All items are handled securely and are sold through an efficient payment process.
  • Inventory breakdown: Your client will receive a detailed breakdown of the sale results, providing valuable information for tax purposes or estate settlements.
Help Your Clients Move Easily Move Forward

Become a Blue Moon Partner Today

Partnering with Blue Moon Estate Sales allows clients to transition smoothly and stress-free. We handle everything from clearing unwanted belongings to maximizing the value of their estate through expertly run sales. Our sustainable approach to rehome items and expert staging can attract potential buyers and extend listing exposure. Contact Blue Moon Estate Sales today to discuss a partnership!

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