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Thriving Market, Proven Model: Explore Blue Moon Estate Sales’ Franchise Opportunities


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Turn passion into purpose with Blue Moon Estate Sales. We’re not just a growing franchise with exciting market opportunities, we’re a community of entrepreneurs making a genuine difference in people’s lives. Join us in navigating life’s transitions, one treasured item at a time. Contact us today to discover how a Blue Moon estate sale franchise can help you find fulfillment and success while guiding families through emotional crossroads with care and expertise.

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Four years working our tails off building our business in a small townhome. We're building our new dream home in year five. Hard work pays off!- Chris and Terri Dickson of Blue Moon Estate Sales of the Triad

Expand Your Reach with Blue Moon’s Available Franchise Markets

The demand for compassionate and professional estate sales is growing, driven by an aging population and changing lifestyles. Blue Moon Estate Sales stands as a leader in this dynamic industry, offering you the chance to capitalize on our established brand and proven systems. With access to prime territories across the United States, we empower you to become a leader in your local market, turning treasured possessions into a thriving business.

The Hottest Estate Sale Franchise Opportunities

Turn your passion for estate sales into a successful venture in the following areas where the demand for expert and empathetic estate liquidation services is in high demand.

  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Kansas
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • Virginia
  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • California

Ask Us About Other Available Markets for Estate Sale Franchising

From Colorado to Connecticut, there’s ample opportunity to let your entrepreneurial spirit shine in estate sale franchising across the United States. Contact us to learn more about additional available markets where untapped potential is just bursting at the seams.

Where Estate Sale Franchise Opportunities Are Unavailable

While franchising with Blue Moon isn’t yet available in North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, and Rhode Island, we recognize the tremendous potential in these markets. We’re continuously exploring new ways to grow and connect with passionate individuals like you, so be sure to stay tuned for exciting updates and opportunities to join the Blue Moon team in the future.

More Than Just Sales: The Unexpected Rewards of Owning a Estate Sale Franchise

Owning an estate sale franchise business with Blue Moon is more than just turning prized possessions into a profit; it’s about personal growth, discovering your hidden strengths, forging meaningful relationships, and building a legacy of service in your community.

Deeper Fulfillment Beyond Profits

Trade spreadsheets for smiles and discover the satisfaction of guiding families through life’s transitions, making a tangible difference in their lives, and witnessing their resilience in the face of change.

Becoming a Trusted Leader in Your Community

Rekindle the magic hidden within cherished items, not just as a business owner but as a trusted leader who inspires and empowers your community with the power of your expertise in delicate moments.

Satisfaction of Closing Meaningful Deals

Craft deals that empower transitions, not just financial gain. Master the art of closing connections that strengthen your community bonds, leaving a lasting impact as a beacon of support.

A Glimpse Inside: Blue Moon Franchisee Testimonials

Intrigued by the prospect of being your own boss, unearthing hidden treasures, forging deep connections, and having a lasting impact in your own backyard? See what our franchisees have to say about franchising with Blue Moon Estate Sales, beyond just business success.

There are tremendous resources in the company. If you’re good at listening and taking good advice from those who have been down the trail before us, I don’t think it takes a lot of time to become profitable.- Ethan Draddy, Blue Moon Estate Sales, Jersey Shore

Ready to Make a Mark? Discover Estate Sale Franchise Opportunities in Your Local Market with Blue Moon

Dive deep into the potential of your local market with Blue Moon Estate Sales. Backed by our comprehensive support and proven playbook, you’ll have everything you need to get your estate sale franchise up and running. Ensure a sustainable business that’s built on trust, expertise, and compassionate care for families during life’s transitions by partnering with us today.

We’re more than just a franchise. Blue Moon offers a rewarding career path driven by purpose and fulfillment. Take the first step towards turning your vision into reality. Contact us today and discover the thriving estate sale market that awaits your entrepreneurial spirit.

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