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Why Blue Moon Estate Sales Chose to Franchise

Blue Moon Estate Sales was founded in North Carolina in 2009 by Ken and Deb Blue. With years of experience in antiques and corporate management, it was the perfect chance to create a business that benefitted from their unique skills and strengths. They saw the opportunity to elevate the estate sale experience and jumped in to set new standards in the unregulated industry. To quote Ken, the decision was, “phenomenal!” 

Blue Moon Estate Sales rapidly became the most active estate sale company in the area. Deb even retired from her career in medicine to focus on the bright future of the company. Early on, plans were made to optimize processes in a way that would make the business both reproducible and reliable. The resulting model was one that would enable others to enjoy self-employment in the niche industry, and the dream to franchise Blue Moon Estate Sales became a reality.

Premier Estate Sales Company Goes National

With their flagship location established as the premier estate sale company in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Blues knew that they could go national. The ability to create jobs and serve communities across the United States fueled the growth of the company. Combined experience, continued education and commitment to service excellence have solidified Blue Moon’s success. With millions of Baby Boomers in need of estate liquidation services, there has never been a better time to be a Blue Moon franchisee. 

Blue Moon is growing every day, with opportunities in popular markets across the United States. The proprietary technology, comprehensive training program, tried-and-true operations and excellent service make Blue Moon a standout. The business model is proven. Let it work for you.