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Put Your Business on the Fast-Track: Estate Sale Franchising

The average 9-5 job can seem mundane and often comes with a burnout period. Perhaps sitting at a desk every day and doing the same tasks is no longer something you’re passionate about. Thankfully, you can re-spark the passion within you by switching careers altogether. When you become a partner with Blue Moon Estate Sales, you have the opportunity to experience something new every day.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we operate a very structured but individually designed business model. This means that though estate sales are a fast-paced environment, you have the capability to schedule your day how you see fit and embrace being your own boss. If fast-paced environments seem intimidating, worry not—we’re here to guide you through our processes and ensure you’re a success.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The drive to become an entrepreneur isn’t something you can learn in a classroom—some of the most successful business people in the world didn’t even finish college. No matter the educational path you’ve chosen, the next step on your career journey could be as a Blue Moon Estate Sale franchisee. Through life experiences, personal drive, and encouragement from those around you, anyone can develop an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Entrepreneurial Qualities

As an entrepreneur, you’ll encounter challenging decisions, speed bumps along the way, and judgment calls that need immediate attention. If you’re someone who thrives in fast-paced environments and views every opportunity as a chance to learn, grow, and beat the odds, then a career in estate sale franchising might be exactly where you belong.

Additional entrepreneurial qualities that can help you in this business include:

  • Quick decision making skills
  • Risk-taking ability
  • Critical thinking
  • Optimism

How to Thrive in a Fast-Paced Franchise Environment

When things are happening at a rapid pace, you’ll be called upon to pivot, multitask, and think quickly on your feet. You must be prepared to tackle something new in a short amount of time while keeping your cool. In order to adapt to a fast-paced work life, it’s important to keep these tips in mind to ensure success for not only your franchise, but yourself. Our franchisees love keeping pace with the energy and freshness each day brings. You’ll discover new things about this business and yourself as you embark on the journey toward estate sale franchising.

Find a Way to Stay Organized

Everyone has their own form of organization—some enjoy a bit of organized chaos while others are meticulous about keeping everything in its place. Regardless of which organizational category you fall into, finding a system that works for you is crucial to the success of your estate sale franchise.

Staying organized doesn’t always refer to maintaining an orderly desk space and filing paperwork correctly (although both of those are extremely important). Organization also means keeping track of your meetings and appointments and not overbooking yourself during the work week. Try using a filing system, sticky notes, planner, reminders, smartphone apps, or other tools to manage your time each day.

Use Your Resources

When you partner with Blue Moon Estate Sales, we provide you with extensive training, a franchise coach to provide guidance, and offer access to our network of other franchisees. Before you start your estate sale franchise journey, you’ll be immersed in a two-week training program that covers all disciplines of our industry—marketing techniques, sales, set-up, event planning, pricing strategies, and more.

Once you’ve established yourself in one of the available markets, our resources are constantly at your disposal. Struggling with understanding how to market a particular sale? Contact one of your fellow franchisees to collaborate and ask for advice. Not sure you’ve priced things correctly? Our professionals are happy to answer a call or email and walk you through the process. No matter what you need help with, Blue Moon Estate Sales is always here to make your journey simpler.

Set Realistic Goals

We’re all familiar with setting goals toward the New Year, but when it comes to business goals, it’s important to set realistic, small achievements you can accomplish throughout the entire year. Setting goals is how you can stay on track in a busy work environment like estate sale franchising.

When setting intentions, be sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (also known as the SMART method). By incorporating this framework of thinking into your business model, you’re able to accomplish more in a short amount of time. Consider writing your goals down, establishing steps to take each day to work toward those goals, and then cross them off the list once they’ve been completed.

Be Aware of Your Expectations

Fast-paced environments aren’t ideal for everyone, but they’re rewarding all the same. In order to see the success you wish to achieve, you must first establish what your day-to-day responsibility will be. From traveling to homes and setting up meetings with clients to finalizing sales and logging your finances, estate sale franchising requires true engagement from its owners—knowing what’s expected upfront will save you a headache later down the road.

In addition, you can brush up on industry knowledge, terminology, and lingo to stay current and be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. We’ll provide you with newsletters, seminars/webinars, conferences, and more to keep your momentum at an ultimate high—ongoing support for your franchise endeavors.

Become a Blue Moon Estate Sale Franchise Owner

There are a lot of perks that come with being a Blue Moon Estate Sale franchisee, including a flexible schedule, complete market support, low startup costs, and very low overhead. A fast-paced environment is only worth it if it’s something you love and feel rewarded doing, and Blue Moon offers just that. Don’t spend all your energy working to the bone for a company that doesn’t support or appreciate you, instead put your hard working energies into something that will pay dividends for your future.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we work every day to standardize the industry to ensure that both our clients and customers walk away highly satisfied. Our goal is to set you up for success as a self-employed professional in this thriving industry.

Build Your Success with Blue Moon Estate Sales

Established in 2009, Blue Moon Estate Sales was created to set the highest standards in an unregulated industry. Our dedication to integrity, compassion, professionalism, and growth are the cornerstones of our success. If you’re ready to make your own rules, work in a fast-paced environment, and supplement your income, consider a new opportunity as a Blue Moon Estate Sale franchisee. Contact us today at (248) 781-8821 to get started.