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The Secondhand Shopping Movement: Fueling Estate Sale Success

We’re halfway through 2023, and persistent inflation is still taking its toll on consumer spending power. Rather than splurging on expensive household items, shoppers are shying away from full-priced goods and taking advantage of second hand stores. A recent study performed by ThredUP reveals that secondhand shopping is growing quickly. By 2026, the secondhand market is expected to reach $82 billion (growing 16 times faster than the broader retail clothing sector). 

As consumers search for new ways to pinch pennies and avoid unnecessary spending, estate sale franchise owners are seeing an uptick in sales. With the convenience of purchasing “like-new” items at budget-friendly prices, Blue Moon Estate Sales can help ease the financial woes of shoppers—not to mention increase the ROI for franchise owners. Let’s take a closer look at how the secondhand shopping movement is positively impacting the estate sale industry.

The Younger Demographic is Thriving on Thrifting

There’s no denying that the younger generations love bringing back vintage trends. Whether that be clothing, furniture styles, or overall aesthetics, Gen Z and Millennials are not just getting creative with their fashion but how they stretch a dollar. 

Thrifting was once deemed “uncool” but has since emerged as the higher power of spending as consumers remain conscious of their budgets. In fact, 62% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers admit to purchasing second hand items before buying new ones. Additionally, 46% stated they consider the resale value of an item before purchasing it.

So as Blue Moon franchise owners, what does this information tell us? It’s simple really: our target market is getting younger as the years go on. While middle-aged consumers are still attending estate sales, the younger generation is quickly capitalizing on the accessibility and affordability of the market. The possibilities for reaching a growing audience make this an exciting time for franchise owners.

Creating an Event Out Of Your Estate Sale

Gen Z and Millennials haven’t just seized the secondhand shopping experience, but social media too. While estate sale marketing strategies should remain at the forefront of your business model, these tech-savvy spenders are creating personalized ads free of charge. Yes, we’re talking about TikTok, Instagram, and every other social media platform allowing video sharing. 

Known as “influencer marketing,” brands collaborate with online influencers to market a specific product or service. Your Blue Moon Estate Sale could get traction without having to collaborate at all. Try-on hauls can be found all over the Internet, where social media conglomerates showcase their new clothing items and discuss where they found them. These influencer videos will help bring added value to shoppers looking to find such deals.

What’s Fueling Secondhand Shopping?

Inflation is playing a large role in how consumers spend money—forcing them to be more conscious of the purchases made each month. Inflation hasn’t just affected the cost of household goods but grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, utility bills, and more. Saving money is the name of the game for homeowners and businesses alike, regardless of where they’re shopping.

Research is emerging that shows consumers just how much money they can save by thrifting—nearly $150 a month. While more Americans are looking for ways to ease the burden on their budgets, they still need and desire household items like clothing, appliances, furniture, and other products. That’s where thrifting at an estate sale comes into play. By becoming an estate sale franchisee, you’re positioning yourself to take advantage of a growing client base of wise spenders.

The Potential to Find Unique Items

Estate sales are notorious for housing some of the most unique items consumers will ever find. From solid wood oak desks and expanding dining room tables to eclectic wall art and vintage fashion, a Blue Moon Estate Sale offers plenty of opportunities to discover “something old” but new to the purchaser.

One of the most appealing things about thrifting and estate sales, in general, is the fact that shoppers can come home with an exclusive item no one else will have. Whether it’s a mid-century tea set or a custom-built piece of furniture, the potential for finding limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces is endless.

As a Blue Moon Estate Sale franchise owner, you’ll have the ability to create memorable experiences for each customer who walks through the door. You can ask questions about how you can help, point them in the direction of household items they may like, and provide a thrifting adventure unlike any other. 

Climate Change Concerns

Another driving force behind the secondhand shopping movement is environmentally conscious consumers. As more and more shoppers increase their climate concerns, more resale shops are seeing an increase in sales. In a survey conducted by Sendle, 57% of consumers said they would change their shopping habits in order to reduce environmental impact. Operating similarly to these donation-based retail establishments, estate sales offer a variety of benefits to improve our carbon footprint, including:

  • Keeping items out of landfills
  • Preventing pollutants from the manufacturing process
  • Saving money and resources

As a franchise owner, you’ll be able to showcase just how sustainable your estate sale market is. Explain to customers how resale items prevent landfills from growing and fewer plastics and chemicals are used because of this upcycling culture. Additionally, buying local (from an estate sale) keeps the money local, bringing benefits to the community as well. 

The Consumer Shift To Estate Sale Shopping

Secondhand shopping isn’t just hand-me-downs. When consumers shop at a Blue Moon Estate Sale, they’ll find like-new sentimental items that can provide their home with some much-needed character. The best part? By becoming a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise owner, you can be the key to consumers finding affordable household goods and products while also impacting the community.

Additionally, as a franchisee, you’ll be able to grow your business to a roaring success in our available markets with the help of our estate sale franchise professionals. Make the career switch and get started today!

Join the Blue Moon Estate Sales Family

Take advantage of the surge in thrift shoppers throughout the U.S. and increase your revenue by becoming a Blue Moon Estate Sale franchise owner. We’ll guide you through our beneficial franchise process and set you up for success—no previous experience in the sales world is necessary. To get started, call us at (248) 781-8821 or request information online.