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Blue Moon Estate Sales: The Hidden Gem of Franchises


Restaurant chains, auto maintenance shops and tax services only skim the surface of the types of franchises that exist in the U.S. Familiar names dot commercial spaces across the country. These entities spend fortunes peppering the media with advertisements to further solidify brand recognition, and their efforts pay off in urban environments and rural areas alike.  

Most successful franchises gain brand recognition through consistency. Consumers know what to expect from these businesses and feel comfortable counting on them to offer a specific product or service. At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we depend on a mixture of traditional marketing, exceptional service and community establishment to maintain and expand our customer base.

Blue Moon has become the trusted brand in its flagship region and continues to grow across the country. This success is achieved via unparalleled ethics, a growth mindset, an ongoing need and an insatiable fanbase of estate sale shoppers. This is why we are on the lookout for new owners. We want to share our vision so that others can grow along with us.


With a traditional franchise, prospective franchisees are expected to spend a large lump sum of money just to get their feet in the door. They then spend a high monthly overhead to maintain a brick and mortar space. On top of that, crippling ad funds are expected, especially when it comes to better-known brands. If you’re thinking of buying into a franchise and would like to avoid these expensive pitfalls, consider joining Blue Moon. Our unique business model avoids many of these costs altogether and sets franchisees up for success.

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We understand that there can be confusion and even stigma associated with estate sales. Having said that, our proven process has shifted the reputation and understanding of the industry. Rather than sad, unprofitable events that occur after death, our services provide people with the funds they need to close one chapter and move onto the next. Over 80% of our clients are downsizing. Clients include empty-nesters, retirees, people preparing to move and others who simply wish to simplify their lives. Downsizing is becoming more and more popular, and the need for estate sale services is not going anywhere.

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Our franchise system is accessible. A prospective franchisee doesn’t need a million dollars to start or maintain their business. Because of that, we have a consistent franchise-leading ROI. There are indeed other resale franchises that exist, but at Blue Moon, we have focused our efforts on estate sales and estate sales only. This is a major contributor to our continued success. We don’t muddy our efforts. Our business has been perfected and proven. We do one thing, and we do it well.

Interested in learning more about joining the Blue Moon Estate Sales family? Reach out. We’re excited to hear from you.