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Why Franchise With Blue Moon?

Why Own a Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchise?  - image-content-franchise-about

Be the Boss

Own it. Each Blue Moon Estate Sales location is home based, and our franchisees have the ability to set their own hours. As a franchisee, you would have control of your schedule. With no "brick and mortar" requirements, there are no mandatory operating hours that would keep you restrained to a retail environment. Rather than a storefront, our sales are conducted within our clients' homes, and only minimal space is required for supplies.


Enjoy it. After years of heading out the door at 6am to work for some of America's largest corporations, Blue Moon Estate Sales owner Ken Blue appreciates the flexibility that comes with owning the Raleigh, North Carolina franchise. He's given up his wingtips for comfortable gym shoes and hasn't looked back. Unlike other franchises that are open seven days a week, Blue Moon offers flexibility. During weeks without sales, our owners are able to stretch out and enjoy some time off. 

Four years working our tails off building our business in a small townhome. We're building our new dream home in year five. Hard work pays off!- Chris and Terri Dickson of Blue Moon Estate Sales of the Triad