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About the Estate Sale Industry

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Estate sales used to be fairly rare occurrences. Most people owned few possessions. These items were made to last, used for years and eventually handed off to children. Times have changed! People amass huge amounts of goods in their lives and wind up metaphorically drowning in cherished treasures. This is why most of our clients contact us for help in downsizing. There are over 100 million Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement in America. They’re ready to move onto a simpler lifestyle with less stuff, and we’re happy to help!

Estate Sales are Conducted in Homes

An estate sale, also called a tag sale, is a way of selling the entire contents of a home in a timely fashion.  Estate sales should not be confused with yard sales, flea markets or auctions. An estate sale is conducted in the home, and prices are established before the start of the sale. Once the contents of the home are staged and priced, the public is invited into the home to browse and buy in an environment similar to that of a retail establishment.

Items most closely associated with estate sales include furniture, art, jewelry and tableware, but nearly any tangible asset can be sold. Here at Blue Moon, we can sell everything from 18K gold bangles to the hardware on cabinets.  Because of the great diversity in our clients’ belongings, each and every week is different. “Never a dull moment” has never been more true.

Our clients vary as much as our sales, but many utilize our services with facing a downsize, a move or the liquidation of a loved one’s property. These types of events can be incredibly overwhelming on their own which is why folks often turn to professionals like Blue Moon to take care of the physical property side of things. Holding an estate sale is a major undertaking, but we have it down to a science.

I am so much happier since I said goodbye to corporate life! I have been successful, and I feel very proud of the value I am providing and the achievements I’ve made. Toby Affuso, Owner/Operator of Blue Moon Estate Sales of Northern Virginia