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Estate Sale Franchise With Blue Moon Estate Sales

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If you are passionate about helping others navigate challenging life transitions, joining an estate sales franchise may be the venture for you. Founded in 2009, Blue Moon Estate Sales was born to bring professionalism and integrity to an unregulated industry. After five years of success in the Raleigh market, founders Deb, Ken, and David Blue decided to share their proven business model with others, launching Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchising.

Blue Moon Estate Sales isn’t just a business; it’s a testament to a well-crafted, replicable plan that consistently delivers exceptional sales while cultivating a loyal clientele. Our bedrock values of integrity, compassion, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to growth have solidified our position as industry leaders. Join a trusted industry franchise and kickstart a fulfilling career opportunity today.

How to Start Your Own Estate Sale Business

In moments when a loved one has passed away or when individuals are downsizing, the prospect of dealing with a vast array of possessions can be daunting. That’s where Blue Moon Estate Sales comes in, providing a valuable service to those in need.

For years, estate sale planning has been run by small, unregulated companies with varied results. Blue Moon Estate Sales completely changed the game, disrupting the industry as the fastest-growing home liquidation franchise and the only estate sale company to operate on a national scale.

If you’re wondering how to start your own estate sale business, the best way to break into the industry is through a trusted franchise. Choosing an established estate sale franchise like Blue Moon Estate Sales ensures the guidance and support you need to succeed from day one while opening the door to a tremendous opportunity for a high return on investment.

Why Estate Sale Franchise With Blue Moon

As an estate sales professional, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives during these delicate times by facilitating the process of liquidating an estate while ensuring a smooth and respectful transition. You’ll be taking the burden and stress off the shoulders of those who would otherwise be left to handle an estate on their own, all with the backing and guidance of Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchise.

Moreover, becoming a franchisee with us means having:

A Growing Clientele

From downsizing and relocation to estate planning matters, baby boomers are a growing clientele facing major life changes. Blue Moon Estate Sales understands the sensitive nature of these events and strives to provide compassionate services to help our clients navigate the process. Moreover, we provide our franchisees with the tools and training they need to market to this demographic.

Powerful Brand Recognition

Becoming a franchisee with Blue Moon Estate Sales comes with significant advantages over smaller, independent estate sale companies, as the power of our brand recognition will instill your respect in the industry while generating increased leads for your business.

Extensive Training and Support

Blue Moon Estate Sales equips all franchisees with the knowledge of our proven business model and the estate sale process, from marketing and staging to pricing and appraisals, giving you the tools and confidence you need to thrive in a competitive industry.

Start Estate Sale Planning Today

While there are several estate sale franchise opportunities out there, no one is doing it like Blue Moon.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we believe everyone deserves a dignified and respectful estate sale experience. We work every day to standardize an industry that has become fragmented with a large volume of small companies with low standards and mediocre sales. Whether you’re looking into how to start a liquidation business or franchise with our established brand, there has never been a more opportune time to start a career in this industry. Contact us today to kickstart your estate sale planning.

I am so much happier since I said goodbye to corporate life! I have been successful, and I feel very proud of the value I am providing and the achievements I’ve made. Toby Affuso, Owner/Operator of Blue Moon Estate Sales of Northern Virginia