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The Secret That Secondhand Sellers Don't Want You to Know

If you’re like us, you love wandering the aisles of antique and vintage stores just taking in all of the interesting items around you. Oftentimes, shops are so packed with treasures that it’s mind-boggling. “Where on Earth do these sellers get all of this cool stuff?”, you might wonder.

We have a secret to tell you...

As you may guess, some pieces are consigned or donated by shop patrons. Others are the spoils of dealers spending hours scouring the internet for diamonds in the rough or battling it out at auction. The majority, though, are purchased at estate sales.

The Estate Sale Secret That Secondhand Sellers Don't Want You to Know

As covered in our guide to estate sale basics, estate sales offer the entire contents of a home. This means that you could find just about anything and everything. Every sale is different depending on the personality, history and interests of the homeowner.

You could walk out of a sale with 12 rolls of brand new paper towels, an antique accent table, a taxidermy fox and a Rolex. You could hit another sale and leave with a set of vintage Tiki tumblers, a like-new bench saw and a 1950s prom dress. You truly never know what you’re going to find which just adds to the fun! This access to high quality, interesting, valuable things, all at fair market value, is what makes the estate sale industry the wholesaler of the secondhand market.

The best part is that estate sales aren’t just for dealers and resellers. You don’t have to walk the walk or talk the talk to get your hands on some seriously great stuff. On the hunt for antiques or vintage collectibles? Visit the sales in your area! Attempting to furnish a new home? Estate sales are the place to be! Whether you’re looking for deals or are just ready for a shopping adventure, hitting estate sales is likely to be your new favorite hobby. We’ve even put together a list of our top tips and tricks to shopping estate sales like a pro!

Come to a sale, and see what you can find!