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The Predicted Trends of 2023: Find Everything at Blue Moon Estate Sales

As the year begins, new trends and statements begin to appear. Whether that be fashion comebacks or interior design aesthetics, incorporating what’s “new” in the world of trends into the everyday lifestyle has become a high-priority item on to-do lists. Thankfully, the professionals at Blue Moon Estate Sales have done their research and have provided some of the most popular trends we can expect to see for 2023.

Top Items Estate Sale Shoppers Are Looking to Purchase in 2023

Trends come and go, making it difficult to keep up with popular household design elements and fashion statements. But, when you shop at a Blue Moon Estate Sale, you can find everything on your list of trends at a reasonable price. Hunt down treasures you didn’t know you needed and stay current with the fashionistas of the world when you raid through closets and furniture sets. Here you’ll find six current crazes predicted to hit the markets this year.

A DIY Dream

DIY home improvements have become extremely popular over the past few years and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies, homeowner improvement and repair activity will increase from $406 billion in 2022 to $450 billion by the first quarter of 2023. With stay-at-home parents taking up woodworking and social media accounts pivoting to showcase how to revamp used furniture, power tools and unique architecture are in high demand.

At a Blue Moon Estate Sale, you can find everything from power saws to the basic hammer and wrench. One of the secrets of buying tools at an estate sale is to keep an eye out for things you’ll always use, like clamps and power cords—you can never have too many. Additionally, you’ll typically be able to find tools that aren’t made anymore and could come in handy for that one-of-a-kind project you have planned for the living room. Whether you’re buying tools to use or collect, a Blue Moon Estate Sale is the perfect place to start looking.

Comfort is Trending

We knew it was coming—comfort is the new athleisure and “going-out” aesthetic. Long gone are the days of outfits made from thin materials or throw blankets that don’t keep you particularly warm. Fuzzy blankets, coats, and even purses are all the rage for 2023. As stated in the New York Times, soft materials are bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation to a closet or home near you.

From crocheted headphone covers and plush toys to squishy sneaker boots and padded bags, fuzzy, feathery garments are hitting the runways and the stores. At Blue Moon Estate Sales, you’ll find numerous touchable texture items that exude cozy qualities. Whether you’re on the hunt for a velvet love seat to sink into with a good book or a cuddly duvet cover that brings warmth at night, you just might find it at the Blue Moon Estate Sale.

Food Takes a Front Row Seat

Charcuterie boards are back with a vengeance. But now, friendly get togethers aren’t just involving meats and cheeses delicately placed upon a cutting board. Oh no, the public has elevated this delicious snack by having “board theme” parties—we’re talking fruit boards, smores boards, french-fry boards, and even butter boards.

Take your next “board” party up a level with unique serving platters or butter jars. Blue Moon Estate Sales are known for featuring some of the finest vintage-looking servingware, including casserole dishes, cutting boards, serving trays, cutlery, and more. The next time you attend one of our estate sales, take a look in the kitchen for a one-of-a-kind dish that would be perfect for displaying your appetizers or main courses.

In addition to these out-of-the-box plates and silverware, the gourmet chef in your kitchen will have a field day discovering other household cookware items—cast-iron skillets, pots and pans, and other unpredictable treasures.

Luxury Brand Accessories

We know them well—signature logos are plastered all over canvas bags and totes, company names are highlighted in bold signage at shopping centers, and a majority of the population wants to own one. You guessed it, designer products. Belts, boots, handbags, coats, and watches are all the rage among fashionistas in 2023, but they don’t come without a hefty price tag. 

Though TikTok and other social media platforms have granted insight on where to purchase the most impressive luxury brand dupes, you’re still able to find the real deal at a Blue Moon Estate Sale. From Chanel and Prada to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, estate sales offer some of the most luxury brand items. Search through the closet or take a peek at the jewelry displayed on dressers to find those hidden gems you’ve been searching for.

For more information on identifying luxury brand fashions and accessories at a Blue Moon Estate Sale, take a look at our vintage fashion tips blog.

The 90’s Called, They’re Coming Back

During the ending months of 2022, Millennials and Gen Z’ers have had the debate of what 90’s trends should never see the light of day again. Unfortunately for Millennials, the Gen Z’s have won the battle for low-rise jeans, choker necklaces, and so many other fashion moments thought to be left in the past.

For all those nostalgic 90’s fashion trendsetters, your time has come to make a statement once again. And the perfect place to find a few of these classic clothing items is at a Blue Moon Estate Sale. You can find everything from suede clogs and low-rise denim to slip dresses and varsity jackets—all the makings for the perfect 90’s moment. Blue Moon Estate Sales offers customers unique fashion items at a reasonable price so you too can keep up on trends for 2023.

Furniture Will Forever Hold Power

Furniture trends this year will slightly overlap with those of 2022, as shipping and manufacturing delays are still on high alert. This means we’ll still see plenty of curvy shapes and individualized fabrics, but elevated to a more sophisticated design. According to Architectural Digest, we can expect to see farmhouse chic with a modern twist, quieter interiors with loud accents, medieval touches, and so much more.

Though we all love the eccentric look of an outspoken home decor moment, interior designers are ready to bring back the classic furniture silhouettes. Modern minimalist styles that incorporate clean lines, neutral colors, and dark accents will quickly make their way back into homes and showrooms.

We can’t think of a better place to start the hunt for your new living room furniture or bedroom set than a Blue Moon Estate Sale. Each of our clients have a unique taste and the furnishings of the home reflect that. Find everything from custom headboards and medieval detailed dressers to modern sofas and funky colored rugs to accentuate your new design aesthetic for the year. 

Stay in the Know With Blue Moon Estate Sales

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we proudly help families stay on trend and their home and fashion sense their own. Whether you are looking for a luxury brand purse to match your friends or want to impress in the kitchen with one-a-kind serving plates, a Blue Moon Estate Sale has all of this and more. We understand the effort it takes to stay in the know, which is why our team is prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have about an item—keeping you up to date on all the new trends we can expect to see in 2023.

The Blue Moon Way

Blue Moon Estate Sales has earned its nationally recognized status by providing unparalleled service to the clients we help and an exceptional level of organization for each of the sales we run. Don’t wait for the trendsetters to make their first move, be the trendsetter. If you’re ready to take a look into the past and bring it into your future, shop at a Blue Moon Estate Sale today—we guarantee you’ll find something unique every time.