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How to Decorate Your Home in an Eclectic Style

Why choose between minimalist, Mid Century Modern, industrial or farmhouse when you can stylishly combine all four and then some?

Many people are ditching classic decorating styles for a powerful design aesthetic full of character. Defined by its blatant disregard for tradition, the eclectic style is all about unexpected combinations. Consider it an eye-catching remix of eras, colors, patterns and styles.

As you can imagine, attempting such a unique look can quickly get out of hand. However, when done well, an eclectically decorated space can fit right into the pages of an interior design magazine. We’re here to walk you through how to show your personality and harness the #eclecticallycool style.  

Master the Mix and Match 

There are no set rules for eclectic decor. Anything goes. That being said, creating a sense of cohesion can be a challenge. The best eclectic space is unique, individualistic and pleasing to the eye. Consider the following.

Establish a Theme 

Find a common thread to connect the elements. Think about color, texture, shape, pattern… There are so many ways to create visual connections. If your decor is mixed and matched, but it’s not looking purposeful, look around for cohesive elements that could be strengthened. For instance, you may have a handwoven rug and a wicker trunk. Maybe a piece of textile art or some woven throw pillows could pull things together texturally. Get creative. There are all sorts of unique ways to tie a room together. 

Keep the Wall Color Simple

Many of the pieces used to achieve this style are bold and pack a visual punch. Keeping the walls painted a clean, simple color will allow you to really layer on the character when it comes to art, furniture and decor. Of course, you can opt for white, but darker neutrals can work, as well. 

Avoid Overcrowding 

Patterns, textures and statement pieces catch the eye. Unless you have a true maximalist aesthetic, avoid the temptation to pack a space to the brim. Crowding a room can make it feel small, cramped, and messy. 

Make a Statement

Find a bold statement piece or two. It could be anything, like a funky chair, a piece of vintage advertising, a large-scale painting or an interesting sculpture. Shopping secondhand is an excellent way to find unique furniture, decor and objets d’art that won’t break the bank. Check out the estate sales near you, and see what calls your name. 

Have Fun 

When it comes down to it, there aren’t set rules when it comes to eclecticism. Mix and match. Have fun. Hunt for pieces you enjoy, showcase your personality, and don’t be afraid to experiment.