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What Sold the Most at Our Estate Sales in 2023

When it comes to estate sales, enthusiasts and treasure hunters know that there's a world of unique finds waiting to be discovered. As we reflect on the bustling year that was 2023 for Blue Moon Estate Sales, it's fascinating to delve into the numbers and unveil the top-selling items and categories that performed the best. 

Estate sales are hidden gems in the world of shopping, providing an unmatched variety that sets them apart from traditional stores. Join us on this journey through the trends that defined our year!

Understanding Estate Sales

Before we unveil the list of top-selling items, let's briefly explore what estate sales are. These unique shopping opportunities involve selling the possessions of an entire home, usually due to relocation, downsizing, or other life transitions. 

These sales offer a diverse array of items, ranging from furniture and household goods to collectibles and antiques. They are often organized by professional estate sale companies like Blue Moon, ensuring a seamless and well-curated shopping experience.

The Top 15 Items Sold in 2023 at Blue Moon 

  1. Decor - 266,760 items
  2. Kitchen Goods - 200,605 items
  3. Tools & Yard Goods - 169,228 items
  4. Clothing - 141,000 items
  5. Media - 134,504 items
  6. Pastimes - 90,109 items
  7. Linens - 64,695 items
  8. Household Products/Supplies - 49,052 items
  9. Furniture - 48,381 items
  10. Jewelry- 43,590 items
  11. Holiday Goods - 41,330 items
  12. Art & Frames - 26,849 items
  13. Toys & Games - 24,398 items
  14. Figurines/Statues - 18,069 items
  15. Appliances/Electronics - 14,912 items

Unveiling Purchasing Trends in 2023

Avid shoppers love unparalleled variety and rare finds. Unlike specialty stores that focus on a particular niche, estate sales present an array of items. This variety not only caters to different tastes and preferences but also allows individuals to stumble upon unexpected treasures.

A common trend in 2023 was customers purchasing “lots” of items. When you buy a "lot" of items in the context of an estate sale, it means that you are purchasing a collection or group of items that are bundled together as a single unit. 

These lots are often curated to include a variety of related items within a specific category. The idea behind selling lots is to streamline the process of selling multiple things at once, offering buyers a convenient way to acquire a range of related goods in a single transaction.

Another trend in estate sales is color consignment. “Color consignment" typically refers to a pricing strategy or method used by professionals to improve the sales process and offer a fair and organized approach to pricing items. 

This system involves assigning different colored stickers or tags to items based on their prices. Color consignment offers consistency and transparency to the buyer while providing a swift and easy checkout process for the seller. 

Sustainable Shopping: A Second Life for Pre-loved Items

One of the often-overlooked advantages of estate sales is the positive impact on the environment. Rather than contributing to the growing landfill problem, they offer a sustainable solution by giving pre-loved items a second chance. This year, over one million Blue Moon Estate Sales items were re-homed, continuing to serve their purpose and reducing the need for newly manufactured goods.

Beyond Trends: The Joy of Discovery

As we reflect on the top-selling items and categories, it's essential to recognize the joy of discovery that comes with shopping at these unique events. Unearthing hidden gems like vintage records, unique kitchen utensils, and charming figurines adds a layer of excitement to the shopping experience. Estate sales provide a sense of adventure, turning every purchase into a story waiting to be told.

Preparing for Estate Sales in 2024 with Blue Moon 

As we bid farewell to 2023, the tapestry of estate sale trends tells a story of variety, sustainability, and the joy of discovery. From the allure of decor to the timeless appeal of books, the top-selling items reflect the diverse interests and preferences of our customers. 

Estate sales, offering an expansive array of items, continue to be a treasure trove for those seeking unique finds while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to shopping.

So, whether you're a seasoned estate sale enthusiast or a curious newcomer, join us in the journey of uncovering the next hidden gems at Blue Moon Estate Sales. Find an Estate Sale near you today! 

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