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5 Common Estate Sale Myths Debunked

While estate sales are a unique and valuable resource for both buyers and sellers, they often suffer from misconceptions that can deter potential clients or lead to missed opportunities. Common myths range from assumptions about high prices to misunderstandings about the kinds of items available for sale. However, the reality is simple: estate sales provide a platform for people to discover extraordinary finds and for families to handle estate liquidation efficiently.

Blue Moon Estate Sales is dedicated to providing homeowners with an effective solution to downsizing while also optimizing the shopping experience for customers.

Common Misconceptions About Estate Sales

Myth #1: There Are Hidden Fees

One of the most common misconceptions about estate sales is that there are a large number of hidden fees. At Blue Moon Estate Sales, that couldn’t be more untrue. Our overall goal is to provide you with a quick and easy solution to downsizing your property at an affordable rate. The costs associated with clearing out your home will vary depending on the size and scope of the job, but we offer upfront pricing with zero hidden fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for before we start planning your estate sale.

If you’re interested in hosting an estate sale and want to learn more about our pricing, please contact us directly. We’d be happy to put you in touch with an estate sale host in your area and help you get closer to the next chapter of your life.

Myth #2: You’ll Only Find Old Items

Oftentimes, estate sales are associated with garage sales, where you typically find used items that have seen better days. But, estate sales differ tremendously. Unlike garage sales, estate sale hosts inspect each item and price them accordingly. You can find everything from high-end furniture and name-brand clothing to stylish jewelry and other priceless items that will compliment your home’s aesthetic beautifully.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we ensure that each item being sold has been properly inspected and is priced accordingly. You don’t have to worry about digging through piles of random treasures on someone’s front lawn. Instead, you can casually stroll through the home and discover everything you may be searching for and more in easily accessible places. 

Myth #3: Selling Items Online Is Just as Good as an Estate Sale

In our digital society, people often think the internet is the only place to sell their items. It’s often wondered why a homeowner should pay an estate sale company when they could just post photos and prices online. The fact is simple: estate sales can quickly clear the entire contents of a home in just a few days. Selling online will lead to underpricing and less sales overall.

When hiring the professionals at Blue Moon Estate Sales, you can reach more people faster and ensure higher profits. Through a combination of online platforms, social media, and targeted advertising, we pinpoint an audience interested in your offerings. Additionally, our professionals will take care of all the work—you don’t have to worry about packing up items and hauling them to the post office to sell them online.

Our Rewards Program Encourages Loyal Shoppers

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we offer customers the opportunity to join our rewards program. For every dollar they spend, they’ll earn points toward future purchases, as well as bonus points for sharing the love online. It only takes a minute to join and encourages shoppers to visit more estate sales in their area—bringing more buyers to your estate sale.

Learn more about our shopper rewards program and become a member today.

Myth #4: Only Those Who Own Antiques Can Hold an Estate Sale

The word “estate” simply means “the entirety of one’s assets and possessions.” It’s not necessary for you to own high-value items or material possessions in order to host an estate sale. In fact, anyone who has property or pieces to sell and is looking to do so in a timely fashion can have an estate sale.

We have helped thousands of homeowners throughout the United States unload a variety of items for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Moving to an assisted living community
  • Downsizing to a better-suited home
  • Adjusting to life as an empty nester
  • Selling the property of a loved one who passed
  • Selling a rental property
  • Closing a business
  • Relocating to a new state

Myth #5: You Need to Sort Everything Before Hiring an Estate Sale Company

The last thing any estate sale professional wants is for you to create more work for yourself. This is why we advise against getting rid of items. Oftentimes, homeowners feel the need to clear out their homes of “unnecessary clutter” before hosting an estate sale, but the items you may think are worthless could be valuable to others.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, our team will conduct a thorough appraisal of the items, price them accordingly, and organize and stage your home to create a clean and inviting environment for estate sale buyers. 

Sell Your Items With Help From Our Professionals

Whether you need help downsizing, recently inherited property, or are closing up shop on your business, the professionals at Blue Moon Estate Sales can assist you. We’ll take the stress out of your major life transitions and offer a guiding hand every step of the way. With our wealth of experience and dedication, we can alleviate the burdensome tasks of planning, organizing, and executing such a significant event.

We’re firm believers in the saying, “The proof is in the pudding,” and our proof is in the thousands of estate sales we have successfully hosted for families all across the country. It’s time to start the next chapter of your life with confidence, starting with an estate sale hosted by Blue Moon Estate Sales.

Shop & Sell All At Blue Moon Estate Sales

With locations around the nation, Blue Moon Estate Sales has rehomed millions of items to help families downsize with ease. We’re here to help you minimize the items in your home and maximize your profit. Contact us today to get started.

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