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4 Tips For Purchasing Antique Jewelry at an Estate Sale

Rings and necklaces and bracelets, oh my. 

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but those girls likely never owned a piece of jewelry from an era dedicated to customization and true clarity. Thankfully, with the help of Blue Moon Estate Sales, you could become the proud owner of true treasures and a variety of delightful gems that suit any occasion. Whether you’re in need of an engagement ring or want a statement necklace for an upcoming event, estate sales are the perfect place to discover beautiful, high-quality pieces. 

Understanding Jewelry Terms

As you shop for jewelry at an estate sale, it’s important to understand the proper terminology that is associated with these unique pieces. While the words “antique” and “vintage” are often used interchangeably, in this context, they actually refer to jewelry pieces from very different eras.

  • Antique Jewelry: Any type of jewelry made before the Edwardian period is considered to be antique—over 100 years old.
  • Vintage Jewelry: This classification means that the piece of jewelry exemplifies the era it was made in—Art Deco, retro, mid-century, etc.
  • Replica Jewelry: A piece of jewelry that was made to look like a famous piece or from an earlier era.
  • Motif Jewelry: This simply refers to jewelry that uses an established symbol to depict a certain ideal, such as a heart.

If you’re looking to brush up on your jewelry definitions, take a look at this extensive list of general terms to help you elevate your buying experience.

Tips for Buying Jewelry at an Estate Sale

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we understand the importance associated with purchasing the perfect piece of jewelry. From engagement rings, anniversary gifts, birthday bracelets, and just-because buys for yourself, estate sales can be a treasure trove of items for every person and style. While some estate sales may feature newer pieces, there’s always the possibility of coming across a time capsule for jewelry of the ages. When this happens, we want you to be educated and know what you’re purchasing.

Take a look at these helpful tips that will surely make the buying process a simple and enjoyable one.

Inspect the Jewelry

While the allure of vintage and antique jewelry is the fact that it stands out and tells a story from its past life, you should always inspect the piece for adjustments needed. Take into account whether or not the clasps are tight and secure, and double-check the setting to make sure the stone isn’t loose.

If you’re concerned about whether or not a gemstone is real, simply ask one of our team members. Our estate sale professionals are trained in identifying and valuing precious metals and jewelry. They complete courses that help them assign fair market value to all sale items, and this process includes learning how to address the difference between genuine gemstones and simulated gemstones. They even run tests on the metals when needed to set an appropriate price.

Research Pieces Ahead of Time

In order to identify true jewelry treasures, knowledge is power. Doing ample research ahead of time will give you a better understanding on the average cost you should be paying for antique and vintage jewelry. This is especially crucial for collectors who are in search of unique pieces to add to their collection or those interested in purchasing something special without breaking the bank. 

Look for Signature Markings

Sometimes, but not always, you can identify the manufacturer or designer of a piece of jewelry based on specific markings. There may be a signature engraving involving initials or a symbol that could help you understand what type of jewelry you’re purchasing and from what era. If you’re interested in authenticating jewelry found at an estate sale, you can check out these common markings and signatures provided by Dover Jewelry & Diamonds.

Purchase Items You Love

We cannot stress this enough, you should ALWAYS purchase items you truly love and not just for monetary value. It’s understandable to think you’ll find a rare treasure at an estate sale and be able to sell it for much more than you purchased it for. But that’s not always a guarantee, and gemstone values change year after year. When you’re searching for a unique piece of jewelry to add to your collection or gift to a loved one, be sure that it’s something you can see yourself or them wearing for years to come.

Find Vintage Jewelry at a Blue Moon Estate Sale

Blue Moon Estate Sales has been dedicated to helping families rehome their belongings for over ten years. What might be considered aged to some is a new and exciting find for others—and we’re here to provide that thrill. Our estate sales are an opportunity to discover a piece of jewelry that you may not have even known you needed.

Whether you’re an avid jewelry connoisseur or simply want to find a gift for a loved one, a Blue Moon Estate Sale is the ideal place to explore. What are you waiting for? Hold onto your pearls, grab your bestie, and get ready for one of the most fun shopping experiences you’ve ever had.

Discover Unique Statement Jewelry Today!

If loving jewelry is wrong, we don’t want to be right. At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we provide honest and professional estate liquidation services throughout the country. Featuring everything from appliances to furniture, from clothing to jewelry, we have all you could possibly imagine and more. Find an estate sale in your area today, and hunt for the best jewelry in town!