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Vintage Fashion Tips: How to Find Trends at an Estate Sale

The fashion crowds are always digging into the archives in order to reinvent the wheel for the seasons to come. Currently in the world of fashion, the late ‘90s are trending hard—bringing back platform shoes, funky patterns, and low-rise jeans. Staying on top of the latest trends is one of the most important things when it comes to young people—whether you are considered a Gen Z, X, or millennial, fashion trends are meant for everyone.

When it comes to fashion, there is no better place to find the trendiest outfit than at an estate sale. Estate sales offer the best of the best when it comes to retro fashion finds, including brand name designers and vintage delights. At Blue Moon Estate Sales, our customers discover top-notch treasures, including fabulous fashion finds.

Current Vintage Fashion Trends

Currently, the fashion industry is marketing nostalgia. From ‘90s minimalism to ‘70s prints, fashion in 2022 is taking inspiration from trends of the past. Fashion is all about mixing and matching different eras together to express your unique style. Regardless of if you prefer simple and neutral pieces or enjoy going out wearing bling and bright colors, the world of fashion welcomes everyone. One thing is for sure, vintage will never go out of style.

At the moment, vintage fashion trends include:

  • Mini-skirts
  • Low-rise jeans
  • Vintage leather
  • 90s patterns
  • Chunky platform shoes
  • Puffed sleeves/shoulder pads

Find What You’re Looking For

Whether you’re looking for a statement shoe to pair with your favorite going-out dress or want to find the perfect cufflinks for your big wedding day, estate sales are the best place to look. In order to find exactly what you’re looking for, it’s important to know how to identify high-profile items and determine whether you’re getting a good deal on them.

Identify High-End Items

When on the hunt for high-end clothing items, you need to know how to examine each piece. Not all vintage fashion pieces will have the tag sewn into the neck. Often they will have the tags sewn on the inside along the bottom or side seam. Since many vintage clothing brands were handmade, they won’t have a tag at all. You’ll need to do your research and use online guides to help you identify the authenticity.

Vintage clothing often has a copyright on the tag that you could look out for. Though the copyright year is not the year the item was manufactured, you can assume the garment was made a few years after. Any piece made before 1992 is considered vintage. Knowing this information can help you identify which items at an estate sale are authentic and which are replicas. 

The options will vary at each estate sale, so be prepared to invest some time in scouring the selection. You never know what you’ll find. In order to find exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to make a list before you attend a Blue Moon Estate Sale and arrive early in order to get first pick.

Proper Price Point

Each estate sale will have a different way of pricing vintage clothing items, but they are typically priced based on the following factors:

  • Era
  • Quality
  • Purchase cost
  • Trend
  • Availability
  • Designer

Usually, the older the garment, the more expensive it will be. Since these items are more difficult to come by, you can expect to pay more for them. Additionally, price points are determined based on whether or not the item fits into the current trends, as well as the condition of the garment or jewelry.

When searching estate sales for vintage clothing items, doing your research ahead of time will benefit you greatly. If you’re hoping to stumble upon a specific treasure from the early 1920s, investigate what items similar are selling for. This will give you a good indication of what to expect to pay if and when you find what you’re looking for.

Discover Vintage Treasures with Blue Moon Estate Sales

Fashion trends change as time progresses, but there’s no better way to keep trends of the past alive than by shopping for them at estate sales. Blue Moon Estate Sales offers our customers unique items at reasonable prices, assisting you in staying fashionable all year round. 

Estate Sales with Blue Moon Estate Sales

If you’re looking for an estate sale in your area but aren’t sure where to start, check out Blue Moon Estate Sales. Our friendly hosts will answer any questions you have about specific pieces for sale and ensure your experience is memorable. Visit us here to discover a Blue Moon Estate Sale in your area.