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Top Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Estate Sale

When starting an estate sale business, it can be difficult to pull in the initial traffic to drive revenue. Much like any other business, you must build a reputation and make long-lasting connections. To ensure your estate sale succeeds you must put in extra work to earn the trust of potential clients.

As a great low-investment business, estate sale management can bring you a sense of empowerment and stability while also increasing your annual income. But, how do you bring in more traffic to your estate sale? How do you standout from the competition? Blue Moon Estate Sales has put together a list of some helpful tips and tricks to elevate your sales tactics.

Succeed in Your Estate Sale Business

At Blue Moon Estates, we want our franchise partners to learn, grow and experience a large ROI. To do so, you must know how to market yourself and the property you’ve been hired to represent. By taking advantage of untapped marketing strategies you’ll be able to stand out and increase revenue at your next estate sale.

Advanced Item Research

When customers attend an estate sale, they aren’t just looking for a bargain, but an experience. By researching larger or older items before an estate sale begins, you’re able to bring that knowledge to the forefront. If you’re able to expand on the history of a piece, customers are more likely to make a purchase based on that information.

One of your jobs as an estate sale franchisee is to become a storyteller. Familiarize yourself with what you’re selling and tell the stories of each object to your customers. In doing so, you’ll become more personable and approachable, not to mention more likely to make a larger sale.

Create Unique Business Cards

Become a memorable face in the crowd when you elevate your business standards with unique and customized business cards. It’s no longer enough to provide a business card with your name and phone number on the back—drive your business by standing out.

Start a conversation with your business card. Whether you choose a unique material such as wood, metal, or plastic, or you mold it into the shape of your logo, it’s important to keep your business in the back of your customer’s mind. Other ways your business card can stand out include:

  • 3D elements
  • Imprinted logos
  • Functional business cards
  • Unique shapes
  • Unconventional materials

Drive Traffic to Your Estate Sale

Spread the word about your estate sale and bring forth more business than ever before. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to implement the next time you’re hired to host an estate sale.

Use Proper Signage

Surprisingly, a lot of estate sale shoppers stop by just because they saw some signage while driving. Take the time to post large, legible signs on major roadways and proceed to line the route with signs, leading them directly to your estate sale.

Take things to the next level by posting fliers on bulletin boards at supermarkets, local shops and gas stations.

Get Involved in the Community

Community takes care of community. By getting involved in your local community in some way—board meetings, swap meets, social groups, mom-to-mom sales—you’ll meet new people who can help spread the word. You never know, they’ll likely show up at your estate sale to show support and bring a group of friends with them.

Offer Food & Beverage

Elevate the game of estate sales by providing beverages and light snacks for customers to enjoy. Whether you choose to bake cookies and buy a veggie tray or simply offer bottled waters and various cheeses, your customers will be delighted with the treatment and more likely to stay longer. Lingering estate sale customers allow more opportunity to sell them on the dresser they’ve been eyeing. 

Keep in mind the placement—you don’t want items ruined due to spillage or crumbs.

Use a Unique Attraction

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go big with your memorable moment. Just as some real estate agents attract buyers to a home with over-the-top attractions, the same can be done for estate sales. Inflatable air dancers and large balloons create quick buzz around the neighborhood and among passersby.

Blue Moon Estate Sales Does It Best

When you franchise with Blue Moon Estate Sales, you’re setting yourself up for an abundance of opportunities. Our franchisees collaborate with one another to increase their individual revenue and the collective revenue of all. Join the Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise community and learn how to drive traffic to your business, interact with like-minded people, and increase your revenue.

Drive Traffic to Your Next Estate Sale

Be unique, drive traffic to your estate sale, and increase your profit. Blue Moon Estate sales wants to help you grow in your estate sale franchise. Our community of franchisees, along with our experts, are all ready to guide you to successful business practices. Visit our previous blog to learn about starting an estate sale business and everything you should know.