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The Difference Between Estate Sales & Liquidation Businesses

So you have a knack for finding value in other people’s things, and you’ve even explored opportunities to capitalize on this special skill to become your own boss. You aren’t content with antiquing on weekends and watching Storage Wars, though. No, it’s more than that. You recognize the opportunity of a business that keeps the wheels of progress turning, encourages property turnover, and supports upcycling to keep landfills from growing larger.

So you’ve been exploring franchising possibilities. If you’ve made it this far in your search for the right path, you’ve likely come across the terms “estate sales” and “liquidation business,” and they may seem equally appealing as franchise opportunities. However, they’re actually very different. Luckily, Blue Moon Estate Sales is here to explain what each business model entails and how to decide which option is right for you so that you can capitalize on your passions. 

What is a Liquidation Business?

Before we dive further into the logistics of estate sale franchising, we feel it’s important to explain what a liquidation business is and how it differs from the services our franchisees offer. A liquidation business refers to the process of selling off a business's assets or homeowner’s belongings in order to pay off debts. Among these businesses are junk removal companies and other services put in place to force a quick and easy moving/selling process.

Liquidation and junk removal franchise companies are responsible for removing unwanted items from a home or business, no questions asked. Oftentimes, this results in handling contaminated and hazardous materials—increasing your costs as a business owner for worker's compensation and liability insurance. 

While this may seem like the business for you, allow our estate sale experts to explain the benefits of choosing a venture that offers freedom, minimal overhead, and community outreach like never before. That’s right; we’re talking about estate sales.

What is an Estate Sale Franchise? 

Estate sales help people downsize the number of cherished treasures within their homes. Estate sales are a quick and easy way to sell the entire contents of your home when a life event occurs—moving, losing a loved one, downsizing, and more. Estate sales are conducted in your home, prices are established before the start of the sale, and customers are invited to browse and buy in an environment similar to that of a retail establishment. 

If you’re interested in learning more about an estate sale franchise, check out our frequently asked questions. Our franchise professionals would be more than happy to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have—contact us at (248) 781-8821.

Why Estate Sale Franchising is the Better Option

While liquidation businesses offer solutions to homeowners and companies alike, the overhead costs can quickly turn your simple job opportunity into a headache. If you’ve been tired of the basic 9 to 5 job and are seeking an opportunity that allows you to set the rules and earn a sizable income, then estate sale franchising may be for you. Let’s take a closer look at why estate sale franchising is the better option for your new adventure.

Minimal Inventory & Overhead

As a Blue Moon Estate Sale franchisee, you can expect minimal responsibility in terms of inventory management. Everything you’ll need to successfully run your estate sale business is right at your fingertips (or on your computer screen). Since each estate sale is hosted in the client’s home, there’s no need to stress about storage space for items or having to bring your work home with you.

On the flip side, liquidation businesses and junk removal franchises require a larger amount of inventory and overhead. You’ll be expected to lease a storage facility to store collected belongings or have a portable storage unit placed at your home. 

Robust Training & Support

You won’t have to go it alone! Training and expert support are crucial in running a successful estate sale franchise. For this reason, Blue Moon Estate Sales offers our franchise owners ample opportunity to learn, grow, and expand their knowledge. You’ll undergo extensive training before beginning your journey, as well as have access to our highly effective marketing tools, including employee management programs, customer loyalty program, item pricing assistance, digital client reports, and so much more.

Increased ROI

Our franchisees can expect to invest anywhere from $54,000 to $100,000 in their total estate sale business. While we can’t publicly disclose information about the actual numbers that franchisees see in their ROI, we can provide you with what to expect throughout your first years of business. On average, we see our franchisees make a return on their investment in under a year, while other franchise concepts, such as liquidation sales, may take years to see an ROI.

High Market Demand

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the number of individuals who were age 65 and older totaled over 55.8 million—that’s over 16.8% of the population! And that number will only continue to grow in the coming years. 

As the population continues to age, many of these individuals will end up downsizing for their own comfort, moving out of their homes and in with relatives, or retiring to tropical communities. Throughout these processes, families will rely on trustworthy estate sale companies to help them manage their loved one’s belongings with dignity and simplicity. 

Positive Community Impact

On that note, you may very well find personal rewards in your franchising opportunity. 

Estate sales often make life easier for families since the belongings don’t have to be removed from the house during the sales process. This saves them time, energy, and stress. You’ll also be bringing the community together over the course of several days to create renewed value in old objects that can better serve their purpose in a neighbor’s hands rather than being stuffed away in a storage unit. 

As a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchisee, you can be comforted knowing that you’re helping homeowners right size their belongings and help fund their next great adventure.

Franchise With a Team Who Aims to Help the Community

Feel good about the work you do as you begin the process of joining the Blue Moon Estate Sale family. When you join our team of nationwide franchise professionals, you’re becoming a part of a community improvement company—simplifying downsizing. Events such as this can be incredibly overwhelming on their own, which is why homeowners and businesses alike turn to Blue Moon Estate Sales to take care of the physical property side of things.

On top of helping those in your area with a stressful event, there are a variety of other perks that come along with being a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchisee, including a flexible schedule, complete market support, low startup costs, and very low overhead. If you’re ready to take control of your future, contact the professionals at Blue Moon Estate Sales today to start your journey to franchising.

Become an estate sale franchisee.