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We Are The Farmer's Market Of Goods

Farmer’s Markets have become a trendy activity to find great deals. Don’t stop there, estate sales are the new place to find great value.

Reinventing The Wholesale Market

From humble roots dating back to the 1700’s, farmer’s markets have been an integral part of our communities for a variety of reasons. The farmer’s market provides wholesale goods to those who both appreciate the quality of the product, and the fair price being straight from the source. The products and foods acquired are then distributed downstream to a secondary consumer.

More recently, the farmer’s market has become a trendy and fun thing to do. No longer being a secret for those “on the inside”, they have become an event to visit for a crowd that varies from millennials to the elderly alike. Everyone loves a great deal and being part of that community, and the suppliers certainly are enjoying the upswing in visitors each weekend.

Estate sales have a similar business model in that many of our customers are shopping sales to then redistribute quality goods downstream to another consumer. Those vintage finds you gawk at in expensive stores – are likely from an estate sale.

The other population of estate sale customers are the amazing community of people often dedicated to the treasure hunt who realize the extreme value and quality that is offered by shopping estate sales. Not needing a license to shop wholesale is an idea quickly catching on.

Sales are now being visited not only by the select few who are “in-the-know”, but by regular shoppers who make the sales an event to visit with friends and family. Customers get to know each other and become regulars once they’re bitten by the estate sale bug.

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