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Try Before You Buy

The need for an estate sale typically arises during a stressful time in a person’s life, whether that be a move, a divorce, the loss of a friend or family member or another big event. Liquidating a lifetime’s worth of possessions is a lot of work. Because of this, choosing an estate sale company with a proven track record is extra important. Finding and selecting an organized, professional company will leave you the time and energy to focus on other things. 

Thanks to modern technology, the task of finding the right company for your needs has become easier than ever. An ever-growing number of online services promise the most current, accurate and unbiased reviews, and such sites can be an excellent starting point. These reviews can be very useful in sussing out how different companies are known to have treated past clients and customers. It’s also a great idea to research a company’s online presence. Look into their social media channels, and check out any press you may find.

Allow us to throw our hat in the ring.

Here at Blue Moon Estate Sales, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to both our clients and customers, as well as the positive feedback that comes along with that service. We’ve been in the estate sale business for a long time and understand the sensitive nature of our industry. Helping people is what motivates us every day, and we feel like that comes across at our sales.

In fact, we invite you to see for yourself. Come to one of our sales, and check things out. Be a fly on the wall, and see what we can do for you. You’ll see firsthand how our sales are conducted, and you’re sure to notice how we stand out from the crowd. Organization, customer service and maximizing value are our specialties. We’ve grown exponentially since we first began, and we attribute that growth to our core values.

If you’re in the process of choosing an estate sale company, give us a chance to give you the best experience around! You want to get the most for the things you hold near and dear, and we want to make that happen. Give us a holler. We offer free consultations and are always happy to walk folks through our process.