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The Blue Moon Experience

Let’s take a little trip back to the olden days when Blue Moon Estate Sales was brand new. Back then, shopping a Blue Moon sale meant heading over to a home and hanging out with a few regulars, neighbors and locals until the front door opened wide to a nice, organized array of items. You’d probably find some treasures, maybe an antique pocket watch or a brand new-to-you blender, and would walk away with your items and a handwritten receipt nestled in your arms.

Now, let’s fast forward.

These days, a Blue Moon estate sale is quite the event! Showing up to a home with a Blue Moon Estate Sales banner is exciting. Head over early, and you’ll likely be queued up with 50 to 100 people, all eagerly awaiting their chance to scoop up the goods inside. It’s not just neighbors and local estate sale shoppers anymore, either. People will drive hours just for the opportunity to get that certain something they saw pictured in the sale announcement. We’ve even had folks camp out like it’s the night before the opening of a new Star Wars movie.

estate sale living room with furniture and decor


Regardless of if you’re an early bird or someone who likes to wait out the crowds, once inside, the real fun begins. Sure, you probably saw some key items in the sale listing, but it’s almost impossible to truly illustrate years' worth of belongings. Each room is full of possibilities.

Discover something that has been waiting just for you.

Now, checking out with your favorite finds couldn’t be more streamlined. Unlike many tag sales, Blue Moon accepts both cash and credit cards so there’s no need to leave in search of an ATM. The icing on the cake is that, with our loyalty program and tried and true technology, you’ll be racking up points with every purchase! Once you hit our clearly marked checkout tables enough times, you’ll get a gift card for a future purchase from any of our locations!  

Although our sales have ramped up in popularity, some things haven’t changed, and these are the things that have sustained Blue Moon’s reputation as an industry leader. Blue Moon sales have always been well organized with loads of cool, accurately priced items and smiling staff members to help you out, and no matter what the future holds, you’ll be able to count on us to uphold these core values, even if we’re doing so on holographic hoverboards.