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Six Reasons to Hire an Estate Sale Company

Changes are a normal part of life. At some point, you might decide to downsize, sell your family home, or move abroad. While these changes can be exciting, they can also be overwhelming, especially if you face them without the help of a professional by your side. 

If you are looking to rehome your family possessions or sell your own treasures, hiring an estate sales company can help you enjoy a smoother, less stressful selling process. 

Learn about the six most important reasons why you should partner with Blue Moon Estate Sales for your next estate sale. 

We Can Save You Time and Money

A lot of time and effort goes into a successful estate sale. And, if you are planning to take care of everything by yourself, you might be facing an extremely time-consuming and costly process. 

A professional estate sale company will take care of everything and charge more convenient fees than auction houses (which might inhibit sales because of the buyer premium) and consignment stores. Additionally, if you are a one-time seller, you might not have the proper network skills needed for your sale to turn a reasonable and expected profit.

We Can Attract a Larger Crowd

There’s no need to market your own estate sale with high advertising costs and door-to-door word of mouth. Our experts have compiled a large network portfolio, which means we can attract new buyers as well as individuals who are already engaged in the estate sale scene and have their own network.

To conduct outreach, we will enact the following methods: 

  • Set up a marketing campaign
  • Use well-known platforms to advertise your estate sale
  • Formulate pricing strategy
  • Learn more about the history of each object
  • Leverage a network of contents to increase the sales’ popularity

We Can Professionally Stage Your Estate Sale

Estate sales hosted within your property are a convenient way to sell your belongings before moving or selling the property itself. However, hosting a sale in your home is different from using commercial premises. That is why you should consider the benefits of staging your home to prepare for an estate sale.  

In real estate, they say putting a fresh batch of cookies in the oven right before an open house guarantees more offers due to the “homey” smell. Just as real estate agents have their own way of making a sale, estate sale professionals do too. We have experience with interior design and know what a house needs to look and feel like in order to complete a sale. Our team can rearrange a room to flow with customer traffic, providing emphasis on the larger, more expensive items—creating just the right atmosphere for a successful estate sale.

We Can Handle the Customers

There are many differences between an estate sale and a garage sale, including the pricing strategy. The difference in pricing from a second-hand shop or flea market to an estate sale is that the pricing has been set beforehand. This fact can cause some confusion among estate sale customers, especially if they have never attended before. Rather than having to handle the negotiations yourself, our experts can maintain a professional manner while obtaining a fair price for each party.

In addition, having a professional estate sale company run things can provide you with a better sense of security. Having a parade of strangers walking through your house can become overwhelming and unnerving—we offer that extra blanket of comfort to protect you, your home, and your belongings.

We Can Get You Better Pricing

One of the responsibilities of an estate sales agent is to understand the history and value of your property, as well as the items you are selling. Working in partnership with antiques, art, and history experts, professional estate sale agents can help you understand the fair value and price point of each item in your collection. After all, without our help, you might be selling off precious collectibles for a fraction of their value! 

We Can Take Away Emotional Stress

Estate sales can be extremely emotional for the seller, especially if you are rehoming your family inheritance and treasured possessions. However, if your choice is letting go, a compassionate Blue Moon Estate Sale agent can help you deal with the stress and emotion of an estate sale. 

Hire Blue Moon Estate Sales

Working with an estate sale company takes the stress off you and provides a smoother selling process. By hiring an estate sale company such as Blue Moon Estate Sales, you are hiring someone who can lend their expertise to you—not only putting more money in your pocket, but also simplifying the process.

Let Blue Moon Estate Sales help you sell your belongings. We’re experts in what we do and we’re here to get you the most out of your items. Visit our website to find a Blue Moon estate sale near you!