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Deck Out Your Patio by Shopping Estate Sales

When life feels overwhelming, and you’re unable to get away, having an outdoor space where you can unwind in the fresh air is the next best thing. Whether you have a deck, balcony, rooftop or a patch of grass, you can create a peaceful, relaxing escape right at home. 

Your patio is the perfect destination for reading, enjoying a refreshing drink, socializing and grilling up some delicious eats. To make your patio the warm weather hangout destination, you’ll need a functional, appealing space that suits your personal style. Here’s the rub. Patio furnishings can be incredibly expensive. Some outdoor sofas run in the thousands! 

Not at our estate sales. 

Turn your patio project into an exciting, affordable treasure hunt experience by hitting some Blue Moon estate sales. Shopping at estate sales is the best, most sustainable way to find those perfect pieces. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the great items that you can find: 

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture from big box stores can be extremely expensive and a bit repetitive. Save some cash, and discover something more unique at an estate sale. You can find single chairs, cool mid-century loungers, vintage gliders, contemporary cabanas, umbrella-shaded tables and so much more. You’ll discover a wide range of affordable options, including those often unavailable from a typical retailer. 

Unique Seating 

You’re setting up a personal refuge with a specific ambiance. Cookie-cutter seating just won’t do. You need seating that suits your style, space and preferences. As estate sale pros, we see loads of different seating options head home with excited new owners. Usual suspects include boho wicker, classic wrought iron, lightweight plastic and Mid Century Modern teak. Go on the hunt for that hammock chair you’ve been wanting, or discover fantastic options from another era. Want to really max and relax? We often sell hot tubs, saunas and jacuzzis, as well. The options are truly endless when you shop at estate sales.

Garden Stools 

Ceramic garden stools are both functional and beautiful. These attractive, compact pieces run the gamut in terms of color, pattern and design, making them the perfect addition to any patio. Keep an eye out for gorgeous Chinese garden stools, which often feature hand-applied decoration and can be especially breathtaking. At the end of the day, whether you’re into ornate patterns or prefer a simple, lattice-pierced piece, you’ll get the same benefits. Once you have a garden stool, you can use it as a side table, a quick seating option or even a piece of statement decor. 

vintage grill


Seating and decorations are great, but a grill really makes the patio experience. At Blue Moon, we see a huge range of grills. No matter the time of year, we sell high-end gas grills, compact charcoal options and even vintage Webers. Find the perfect grill for your patio without breaking the bank. Your taste buds will thank you. 


Speaking of grills, there’s no better feeling than enjoying a meal outside with family or friends. Get your outdoor space dinner-ready with some great outdoor-friendly dining accessories. Pick up all the essentials including tablecloths, cushions, cloth napkins, china, child-friendly Melmac plates and bowls, flatware and more. Stick to the classics and matching sets, or show off your unique personal style by mixing patterns. It’s your patio. There are no rules here. 

Plants and Planters 

Greenery makes the scenery when it comes to outdoor spaces. Whether you have a green thumb or prefer a nice faux fern, plants and planters are the special sauce in the recipe for a perfect patio. Instead of picking up the same box store planters displayed by all of your neighbors, choose a unique treasure from an estate sale. Cool hand-painted ceramic pots, kitschy vintage options, classic terracotta... you name it, we've sold it! 

secondhand contemporary patio furniture from estate sales


Bring on the ambiance and make your patio evening-ready with some outdoor lighting options. Keep an eye out for string lights, contemporary solar lighting and romantic lanterns. Lanterns are especially nice, as they can act as stylish homes for mosquito-warding citronella candles. Just be sure to keep an eye on them.   

Upgrade Your Patio Today 

Whether your style is traditional, beachy, rustic, contemporary or boho, we’re bound to have just what you need to deck out your patio. Blue Moon is all about sustainability, great deals and cool, unique stuff. Don’t spend warm days and nights confined inside. Find a Blue Moon sale near you today!