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A Week in the Life of a Blue Moon Crew Member

Ever wonder what it’s like to work as an estate sales professional? First of all, every day is different. The processes may be the same, but the people, places and things are ever-changing. It’s an exciting career chock full of surprises. 

If you’re a dedicated estate sale shopper, you know that Blue Moon Estate Sales events stand out from the crowd. They’re not your grandma’s estate sales. Instead, they’re modern retail experiences run by amazing teams of people. But how do they do it? 

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes and experience a week in the life of a Blue Moon Estate Sales crew member.

You get the word that your boss has snagged another sale, and the contract has been signed. It sounds like it’s going to be a fun one. She mentioned Mid Century Modern furniture, original artwork, vintage clothing and electric guitars.  

It’s time to get to work! Luckily, the flexible schedule means that you don’t have to deal with rush hour traffic. You grab your coffee, set your GPS and head over to the place you’ll call your office this week. In this case, it’s a Cape Cod-style house with an attic, a two-car garage and a lovely garden complete with a wooden bench swing. 

You park and make your way past the garage to the front entrance. The garage door is open, and you spot a vintage Harley-Davidson Sportster parked inside. "That’s sure to sell fast," you think.

You walk inside. Your boss is standing in the foyer chatting with the homeowner. You say hello and introduce yourself. They’re very excited to meet you and the rest of the crew. Every item you sell helps with their move to Florida, after all.  

Time for a quick team meeting. Together, you make your way through your trusty pre-staging checklist, determining which items are for sale, which are staying with the home and what kinds of supplies you need to make this sale a success. 

Now, the transformation begins. As a team, you suss out the best flow for the sale - where shoppers will pay and where things could get bottlenecked. You and your fellow crew members rearrange some furniture and designate the living room as the checkout area. 

This is the start of the most exciting phase of an estate sale, the treasure hunting phase. You put on your detective hat and start the search for attention-grabbing items - the crowd-pleasers, the rarities, the uniquities and the valuables. Finding these pieces is important, and you leave no stone unturned.

Research is equally important. In the land of estate sales, knowledge is power so naturally curious, lifelong learners like you are always in demand. You survey your findings and decide to tackle the collection of amps, mics and instruments you discovered in the upstairs office. Fenders and Gretsches and Martins, oh my. With Blue Moon’s pricing strategies, it doesn’t take long to determine the fair market value of each. Your passion for guitar doesn’t hurt, either. 

While you focus on pricing, your coworker puts his photography background to work, getting drool-worthy shots that will soon greet shoppers from the estate sale listing. He’s sure to get clear, focused pictures, including detail shots of things like maker’s marks and serial numbers. With professional pics like these, buyers know just what’s waiting for them at the start of the sale. 

With a couple of afternoons and good old-fashioned teamwork, the home looks great. In fact, it looks more like a pop-up retail space than a home at all, complete with jewelry displays, tables of carefully merchandised items, a POS system and modern signage. Soon, it will be filled with excited shoppers, eager for their next estate sale haul. 

It’s Saturday, and you’re up with the roosters. You grab your coffee and head to the house. A line of about 40 people has already formed outside. You love sale days. You never know who you’ll meet or the stories you’ll hear. The work is fun and fast-paced, and you get to witness shoppers making the same discoveries you did just days before. You man the register, chatting with buyers, ringing up items and signing folks up for Blue Moon’s shopper loyalty program. There are busy spells, and you’re thankful that the days of writing receipts by hand are long gone. 

When the sale is over, you marvel at the empty space. All that’s left are your supplies, signs and displays. You join the rest of the team in packing up. As you make your way to your car, you wonder what next week will bring. You never know what you’re going to see or learn. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind way to make a living, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Interested in joining a Blue Moon crew? We’d love to meet you!

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