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Find Unique Gifts this Holiday Season at an Estate Sale
Happy holidays; Merry Christmas; Habari Gani; Hanukkah Sameach—however you greet your family...
Furniture Repurposing: Finding Furniture at an Estate Sale
Antique furniture is almost a guaranteed find when you visit an estate sale—knowing what to...
Refunds, Haggling, & Undiscovered Treasures: Estate Sale FAQs
Estate sales bring a sense of wonder and joy to all who attend, but not everyone is a seasoned...
Avoid Underpricing: Gain Estate Sale Appraisal Guidance
  Estate sales bring a sense of wonder and joy to all who attend, but not everyone is a...
Nostalgia at an Estate Sale: Vintage Toys You May Find
Toys give you permission to play. For adults, there are iconic toys that bring back feelings of...
Vintage Fashion Tips: How to Find Trends at an Estate Sale
The fashion crowds are always digging into the archives in order to reinvent the wheel for the...
Six Best Estate Sale Shopping Tips
Shopping at an estate sale is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. From unique...
Estate Sale vs. Garage Sale: Understand the Difference
The summer months are upon us and you know what that means—garage sale season. There’s...
Social Media Marketing & Estate Sales
The internet has allowed sales to span more markets than ever before. With the expansion of social...
Six Reasons to Hire an Estate Sale Company
Changes are a normal part of life. At some point, you might decide to downsize, sell your family...
Starting an Estate Sale Business: What You Need to Know
It’s undeniable that the past two years have forced many people to reconfigure their lives....
May Your Christmas Be Shiny and Brite
Colorful glass ornaments are so synonymous with American Christmas that you may assume...
A Week in the Life of a Blue Moon Crew Member
Ever wonder what it’s like to work as an estate sales professional? Take a peek behind the scenes and experience a week in the life of a Blue Moon Estate Sales crew member. (We're not gonna lie. It's pretty fun.)
Blue Moon Featured by Martha Stewart
It's no secret that downsizing belongings can be overwhelming. That's why reached out to Blue Moon Estate Sales co-founder David Blue for pro tips that are sure to ease your stress.
13 Tips and Tricks for Shopping Estate Sales
Estate sales are an excellent place to find… well, just about anything and everything. Use these 13 tips and tricks to shop them like a pro.
How to Decorate Your Home in an Eclectic Style
People are ditching classic decorating styles for a powerful design aesthetic full of character. Defined by its blatant disregard for tradition, eclecticism is all about unexpected combinations. Consider it an eye-catching remix of eras, colors, patterns and styles.
5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Help Clients Have Successful Estate Sales
Real estate pros can share this information with their sellers to ensure their estate sale runs smoothly.
Blue Moon Estate Sales Survey Shows Older Adults Are Ready to Move
Whether it's an effect of current events, the booming housing market or simply a time to downsize, people are on the move.
Louis, Louis: How to Tell the Difference Between Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI Style Furniture
The vocabulary of the estate sale world can seem confusing, and when you have related styles from the same time period, and they all go by Louis, things can get especially bewildering. Not to worry. We’re here to set things straight.
Secondhand First: Shop Sustainably by Shopping Estate Sales
“Reduce, reuse, recycle,” is the mantra for keeping our planet clean and healthy. With estate sales, you can do all three.

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