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Blue Moon Estate Sales of Minneapolis - St. Paul

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Blue Moon Estate Sales of Minneapolis - St. Paul

If you’re downsizing, moving, divorcing, or settling a family member’s estate, it can be an overwhelming and stressful ordeal, especially if you’re facing boxes of valuables and collectibles with nowhere for them to go. Luckily, you can have a hassle-free clearout event with Blue Moon Estate Sales of Minneapolis - St. Paul, so you can rehome belongings while putting money in your pocket. 

Common reasons for having an estate sale include:

  • Moving to assisted living or independent living accommodations
  • Downsizing to a better-suited housing type
  • Adjusting to life as empty nesters
  • Relocating for a job or family responsibilities
  • Clearing the home of someone who passed
  • Selling an AirBnB or rental home 
  • Closing a business or office

We handle all the meticulous details so you can face the next season of life with confidence and peace of mind. Our team of professionals will handle it all—from pricing, staging and marketing to providing a check and inventory breakdown.

We’ll not only plan your event from start to finish, but we’ll take care of the entire sales management process—supervising the estate sale, handling negotiations, and completing the sales. Having a team of professionals such as ours allows you to sit back and relax while we take the reins and handle everything in a timely and efficient manner. Reach out for a free consultation!


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