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Meet the Team

Blue Moon Estate Sales of Merrimack Valley

 The Right Estate Sale Team to Help Merrimack Valley Residents Downsize and Move to the Next Stage


Tara and Jonathan are the enthusiastic owners of Blue Moon Estate Sales of Merrimack Valley. With their extensive corporate backgrounds in small business software companies, they are thrilled to bring their experience to a business of their own, servicing others in their surrounding community. They enjoy educating others on the value of buying quality used items, giving new life to goods that would otherwise be thrown away, and helping families in their time of need.

Tara and Jonathan see Blue Moon Estate Sales as a unique opportunity to build a successful business by combining their prior work experience with their desire to help others through difficult or challenging times. They look forward to bringing their compassion, professionalism, and enthusiasm to every sale.  

Being parents to five active kids, Tara and Jonathan are masters at time management, juggling, and creativity. They are calm under pressure and believe a sense of humor is vital in any stressful situation. Whatever your reasons for seeking an estate sale, they are ready to meet the challenge. 

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