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Meet the Team

Blue Moon Estate Sales of Lexington

Meet Owners Anne and Kelli Helmers

Blue Moon Estate Sales of Lexington is owned and operated by sisters-in-law and antique enthusiasts, Anne and Kelli Helmers. Both have lived in Lexington for over 25 years. They know  the community well and are incredibly excited to offer their services to those in the area. 

Anne has a masters degree in early childhood education, as well as years of experience in the resale industry. She loves finding new homes for everything from quirky collectibles to fine antiques. Kelli has a law degree from University of Kentucky and a background in art history and event planning. She thrives on helping people streamline and simplify their lives.

The two combine passions for research, history and treasure hunting with an experience-based understanding of how to help families during times of transition. Contacting Anne and Kelli means taking a step toward an estate sale experience full of compassion, creative spirit and attention to detail. If you are looking for an easy, rewarding estate sales experience, reach out today. 

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