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The Most Successful Estate Sales Near Knoxville Are Run by Blue Moon!

The benefits of deciding to sell your items with Blue Moon Estate Sales are plentiful. Not only will you reap monetary benefits, you’ll quickly and efficiently rid your life of unwanted or unused items. The best part? You can leave the work to us. 

Blue Moon Offers:

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    Free Consultation

Our process begins with a free consultation. Here we'll join you in your home to review our services and evaluate what you want to sell. You’ll have the final decision on what goes and what stays, and Blue Moon Estate Sales professionals will assist you every step of the way. With years of experience, we're confident in advising clients on what is truly fit for sale. For more great tips on having an estate sale read our blog post, How to Prepare for an Estate Sale.

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    Marketing & Promotions

We will work together to establish a date for your sale and take hundreds of professional photos to begin our online advertising campaigns. Extensive research of your more unique and valuable pieces will help us get your items sold and at the best possible prices. Our years of experience allow us to achieve fair market value for our clients. Not only that, real data from thousands of successful Blue Moon estate sales across the country, knowledge of current market trends and a tight network of experts help to ensure that we move items at the best prices.

We market to an extensive customer base in order to secure a successful turnout. We’re able to reach more potential buyers for our clients than they could ever reach themselves. We own our customer base and don’t rely solely on third-party companies to drive buyers to our sales. Our multi-faceted marketing approach means that reach the right people at the right time. Our target audience is largely made up of families, new homeowners, potential homeowners, savvy shoppers and collectors looking for unique items. We work hard to find buyers in every niche possible.

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    Professional Staging

Prior to the sale, we transform your home into an elevated retail experience. While we have many great services, we are especially proud of our staging and pricing skills. Our teams understand the nuances of staging and know how to create a sale-friendly environment, regardless of whether a home is big or small, old or new, metropolitan or rural. We then price every item in the sale at fair market value. This value is determined from past sales, market trends and, of course, the condition, age, history and other attributes of an item. To learn more about fair market value, click here.

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    Expertly Run Sale

Our teams are ready to effectively manage the sale of your or your loved one’s estate. We will staff your sale, accurately research and price items, provide tables and display racks, prepare staging areas, promote items of interest, advertise your sale to a large customer base, run your sale and clean up after. Our sales are typically conducted on site over two days unless more time is needed. Clients can expect payment 5-7 business days after the close of the sale.

Blue Moon has many successful franchise locations across the country and is presently expanding to bring our high-quality estate sale services to even more happy clients and excited shoppers. Contact us today to start the process of planning an estate sale!

10 Questions About Having an Estate Sale Answered by the Pros

Q: Do I need to rent tables, display cabinets or clothing racks?

Nope! Leave that to us. We have tables and display items ready to go.

Q: If the executor lives out of state, can we still have an estate sale?

No problem at all. We can handle everything via phone, email, fax and/or good old-fashioned mail. If you’re working with a local realtor or lawyer, they can be of assistance, as well.

Q: What other services do you offer?

If you choose, we are happy to connect you with a service to clear out any remaining, unwanted items.

Q: Should we remove anything from the home ahead of time?

Do not throw out seemingly unusable items, even if they are old. Some items are surprisingly valuable, even with damage or wear.

We do request that you remove any personal paperwork and effects from the home. This includes birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s licenses, passports, military documents, bank statements, pay stubs, medical bills, family photos, prescription drugs and the like.

Q: What should I expect at our first meeting?

The in-home consultation gives us the opportunity to meet, gain an understanding of your needs and assess the overall value of the contents of the estate. We will then determine whether or not an estate sale is in your best interest.

Q: Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

Nope. Our initial consultation with you is free of charge.

Q: My family members and I would like to keep certain contents of the estate. How should we handle this?

We ask that you and/or your family members remove any and all items that you would like to keep prior to our initial consultation. This allows us to conduct a thorough assessment.

Q: Should we sell or pawn anything beforehand?

Absolutely not. Pawn shops and cash-for-gold businesses will only offer you a fraction of what your items are worth. You’ll net far more money selling your items with Blue Moon than you will selling them to a jewelry store or pawn shop.

Q: There are some items we want to keep, but we do not want to remove them from the home. How is this handled?

Any items that you would like to keep in the home need to be secured in a certain room or within an area of the home that can easily be sectioned off from the rest of the sale.

Q: How do we begin planning our estate sale?

Simply reach out to your local Blue Moon team. We are happy to answer your questions and talk through any concerns you may have!

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When It Comes to Estate Sales, Experience Matters

Five stars!

Whether you are a client in need of estate sales services or a customer looking for the best deals on the most interesting items, Blue Moon Estate Sales is here to serve! No need to take our word for it, though. See what our clients and customers have to say:

Melanie Ramos is so pleasant, welcoming, and empathetic!

There really aren't enough words to adequately convey how wonderful my experience was with Blue Moon Estate Sales in Knoxville, TN. They were completely professional, responsive, and did an incredible job emptying out an entire 2800 square foot house during an estate sale.

Melanie Ramos is so pleasant, welcoming, and empathetic. She made a very sad time more tolerable and as easy as possible.

They displayed/staged all of the items like you were in a store, and you didn't have to dig through things, which resulted in better sales. Give them a try!
Missy Johnson

They were kind, courteous and diligent in their conduct!

Blue Moon Estate Sales was an absolute dream to work with. They helped me clear out my grandmother's house in an amazing amount of time. What would have taken me and my family months, only took them a couple weeks. They were kind and courteous and diligent in their conduct. Their leader, Melanie Ramos, was always a delight to work with, and she kept me in the loop for everything.

She listened to what my family needed and delivered above and beyond my expectations. They were knowledgeable in getting the best prices for pieces that had been in my family for generations, and *nobody* in my family knew what they were but the folks at Blue Moon were able to get it figured out for us.

I would work with them again in a heartbeat. They were absolutely amazing. I hope that the company realizes how important and valuable the employees that they have are to their company. The whole crew there needs a raise, in my opinion.
Travis Miley