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Estate Sale Planning: What to Expect

When it comes to hosting an estate sale, the questions can be endless. How long will the sale last? Will anyone show up? How do I prepare? At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we want each of our clients to be educated from beginning to end and know exactly what to expect from their estate sale experience. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or just looking for a fresh start, hosting an estate sale is a great first step toward a new life transition.

A Closer Look at Your Future Estate Sale

Start With a FREE Consultation

If you’ve ever started to go through old belongings, you know how quickly you can get lost in the memories and find yourself asking, “Where do I even begin?” Thankfully, we take all the guesswork out of hosting an estate sale, starting with our complimentary consultation process. We’ll arrive at your home or business ready to discuss your needs and overall goals. 

The consultation does not require commitment. It will help you understand best practices and get an idea of the worth of your items. If we collectively decide we are a good fit, we’ll move to the next step and plan and organize your sale. Each step, from setup to marketing, will be laid out for you.

It’s Time to Sort Through Belongings

Once we’ve discussed your expectations for your estate sale, we’ll begin organizing and staging your belongings. We understand that each item holds a sentimental value, so we’ll be sure to handle every piece with the care and attention it deserves.

Depending on how many items you have to go through, this process may take just one day. We have a team of professionals ready to help you along the way, making the entire process go by fairly quickly. 

Pricing Items Appropriately

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we want to showcase your treasures to a wide audience, and that involves pricing items appropriately. When it comes to pricing your items, we take a variety of factors into consideration, including:

  • The condition of the item. Depending on how well cared for the item is, we may price it higher or lower to accommodate your expectations and satisfy potential buyers looking for a deal.
  • How rare the item is. The rarer an item, the higher the price point will be. Our experts will appraise rare and vintage items and price their value as close to the appraisal value as possible.
  • The current market demand. If an item is in high demand, we’ll price it higher, and vice versa when the demand is low.

Strategic Marketing Tactics

In order to highlight all the unique items at your estate sale, our team will photograph the best pieces and feature them in an online listing on our website. We can also post to for further reach. Additionally, we promote each upcoming sale on all of our social media platforms, place signage in the neighborhood and local community, and share the dates with our other network connections.

Over 150,000 repeat customers in our expansive database look forward to attending a Blue Moon Estate Sale. We’ll send these loyalty program shoppers a newsletter with your sale link for them to preview and add to their calendars.

What to Expect During Your Estate Sale

All the preparation has led to this moment—the day the sale goes live! At Blue Moon Estate Sales, our events most often run for a single weekend, offering plenty of opportunities for visitors to explore. However, in some instances, we may extend the sale or host it over multiple weekends to accommodate specific needs.

During the sale, you can expect a well-organized setup with clear pricing and knowledgeable staff on hand to assist shoppers. Our local owner will keep you informed every step of the way. They’ll keep you updated on how the sale is going and what items have already sold and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Our goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where visitors can browse confidently, knowing they’re finding quality items at fair prices. Each transaction will be handled securely, and our friendly staff will leave your space clean and tidy from beginning to end.

Finalizing Your Estate Sale

When your sale comes to a close, we will remove our display racks and checkout space. Then, we can help guide you in removing or donating the remaining items. You can expect payment and an itemized list of what sold  5-7 business days after closing the sale.

Host Your Blue Moon Estate Sale Today

At Blue Moon Estate Sales, we ensure that both buyers and sellers have a positive experience, making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. When you decide to host an estate sale with Blue Moon, you’ll have the support of a team committed to meeting your unique needs.

We handle all aspects of the sale, including pricing, staging, marketing, and hosting, to attract a broad audience and maximize the value of your items. Our attention to detail and personalized approach means you can focus on what matters most while we take care of the rest. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or managing a loved one’s estate, Blue Moon Estate Sales is here to make the journey as stress-free and successful as possible.

Find an Estate Sale in Your Area

Blue Moon Estate Sales is proud to be a nationally recognized name that helps individuals transition to the next stage of life. With our expertise, transparency, and customer-first philosophy, hosting an estate sale becomes a seamless and rewarding experience. There’s no reason why decluttering your belongings and moving forward should be complicated. And now, with Blue Moon Estate Sales, it doesn’t have to be. Ready to get started? Contact us to host your estate sale today!