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Shop Locally by Shopping Estate Sales

Tis the season for shopping! Your inbox is probably full of advertisements, and there’s a new holiday coupon (or twenty) in your mailbox every day. Every year, millions of advertising dollars are spent to lure you to the nearest mall or big box store to buy things that were made by people in faraway places and put money in the pockets of people you’ll never know.

What if there was a way to keep your money in your community? What if there was an option that would cut down on the environmental wear and tear that comes from transporting goods? What if you could find everything from quality household items to the rarest and unique pieces, all in one stop?

That’s where shopping estate sales comes in.

“But what if I’m new to shopping estate sales?” you might be thinking. Not to worry! We’ve broken down the basics for you. Heck, we even have a list of our top tips and tricks to hitting the sales like a pro!

Not convinced yet? Let’s break it all down. Shopping locally by shopping estate sales means that you’re doing the following:

1. Investing in Your Community

When you shop with Blue Moon, the money you spend goes to both a local family and a local business. Every Blue Moon location is owned, operated and staffed by members of the community. This means that a good portion of the money that you spend is then spent at other local businesses, and the cycle continues.

shop locally shopping estate sales save money

2. Making Good Use of Your Taxes

Local sales taxes fund all kinds of incredibly useful and important services including fire protection, road repair, public schooling and trash collection, to name a few. Every little bit counts, and you can feel great knowing that you’re supporting these facets of your community!

3. Getting Great Deals

Why spend top dollar for overpriced mall items when you can get great, gently used alternatives at fair market value? Once you get the estate sale bug, you’ll never want to buy new again. Stretch those dollars. Your wallet will thank you.

shop locally shopping estate sales

4. Living Sustainably

It takes a lot of machinery, gasoline, water and electricity to create and ship the millions upon millions of goods that are sold in big box stores every day. Unlike typical retailers, estate sale professionals don’t have to use the land or energy necessary to run a brick and mortar store. We temporarily set up shop right in the home which means a lot less stress on our earth and resources! By shopping estate sales, you’re living sustainably.

5. Getting the Retail Experience

Blue Moon estate sales are not yard sales. You won’t find a bunch of plastic junk strewn out on a tarp on the lawn. Our teams work hard to identify, sort, stage and price desirable pieces so that you can shop the best of the best and satisfy that retail itch.

6. Receiving Excellent Customer Service

The owners and employees of local businesses are personally invested in your shopping experience. Along with providing excellent customer service, our Blue Moon franchisees spend time getting to know the items they sell. Don’t miss out on benefiting from their expertise!

shop locally shop estate sales unique items

7. Standing out in the Crowd

Be that person who always hears, “Oh man, where did you get that?!” Estate sales are the perfect place to discover unique items that you just can’t find anywhere else. Be the envy of all of your friends, as well as the best gift-giver!

8. Getting Quality Goods

The old saying is often right. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. A lot of mass-produced goods aren’t made to last long. Instead, they’re made to last just long enough to make you want to go out and spend more money replacing them. Rather than throw your money away, shop estate sales to invest in pieces that can last you a lifetime! Let’s face it. The chances of needing to replace that new-to-you 1950s ice cream scoop are slim to none.

9. Having Fun

Tackling a trip to the mall might mean popping your earbuds in and attempting to get in and out with as little hassle as possible. Shopping estate sales means getting to know the people in your community. Not only will you come across all kinds of fascinating things, you’ll be shopping alongside fellow locals who are just as excited by the thrill of the hunt. Spending time in this kind of environment is downright fun and isn’t something you experience every day, especially if you’re mindlessly “adding to cart” online.

Convinced ?

Ready to do yourself and your community a favor this shopping season? Check out a Blue Moon estate sale near you!